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China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), one of top-level national societies under the China Association For Science and Technology was founded on June 1st, 1987. In the same year, CIES joined the Commision Internationale De L¡¯Eclairage (CIE ) in the name of China National Commission on Illumination , the sole organization representing China in CIE.
About US
¡ñ www.lightingchina.com

was formed in 1996 by CIES, official lighting industry association for China, and operated by He Dong Group, Computer and Network Company. Our web site provides industry, products, technology, market trend, demand and supply information for the lighting industry in China.

contains industry news, search engine, lighting industry dictionary, China lighting equipment certification process, B2B center, VIP members, Star members, etc. Currently, we have 20,000 companies which are lighting products manufactures and suppliers in our database, we also have information for over 300,000 buyers such as interior designers, decoration contractors, architects, dealers, and real estate developers in our database. Currently, we have over 750,000 ready buyers visiting our web site every month.

Our web site
has entered into agreements with major exhibition organizers in China to act as the official web site for their lighting exhibitions. Our web site will be featured as the exclusive web site for exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Huangzhou, etc.

Our web site
are also linked to CIE web site, Taiwan lighting industry web site, and China science and technology web site. Furthermore, our web site is featured in the top search result positions with portals such as Sina.com and Sohu.com. We believe that lightingchina.com is the leading portal for lighting industry in China. We further believe that we are the most popular web site among lighting industry players in China.

Our web site
features well-known companies such as Philips, Panasonic, Linskey, etc as advertisers. We also have several hundred companies as Deluxe, VIP and basic members. We are seeking additional advertisers and members. We believe that our advertisers and members benefit from our web site by reaching thousands of ready buyers on a monthly basis, differentiate themselves from their competitors, obtain product supply and demand information, and promote their corporate images among lighting industry players. Currently, we have limited advertising space, membership available for companies in the lighting industry. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in our web site.

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