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was formed in 1996 by CIES, official lighting industry association for China, and operated by He Dong Group, Computer and Network Company. Our web site provides industry, products, technology, market trend, demand and supply information for the lighting industry in China.

About CIES
¡ñ China Illuminating Engineering Society

China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), one of top-level national societies under the China Association For Science and Technology was founded on June 1st, 1987. In the same year, CIES joined the Commision Internationale De L¡¯Eclairage (CIE ) in the name of China National Commission on Illumination , the sole organization representing China in CIE.

CIES boasts a large number of specialists and scholars in China, engaged in scientific research, education, designing, production, innovation as well as popularization and application in the field of illuminating science and technology. It aims at uniting and organizing its members and numerous experts and professionals of lighting science and technology to unfold an active academic exchanges, taking care of and safeguarding their lawful rights and interests, and making contributions to prosperity and development of China¡¯s lighting cause, as well as acceleration of China¡¯s socialist modernization and construction. Its major tasks are to sponsor academic exchanges, provide technical consultancy service and training, edit and publish science and technology books and journals, popularize science and technology, promote domestic and international academic exchanges, and ties among scientists and professionals in the lighting field, as well as serve conscientiously enterprises through feasibility study and appraisal of projects, and sponsoring expositions and shows on illuminating science and technology. At present, CIES has 404 organization members. CIES has set up the Lighting China Network which aims at promoting academic exchanges in the lighting field. Its chief national publication is ¡°China Illuminating Engineering Journal¡±.

Under CIES there are 6 working committees and 11 specialized divisions:

a. Working Committee for Organization
b. Working Committee for Academic Activities
c. Working Committee for International Exchanges
d. Working Committee for Editing
e. Working Committee for popular Science Activities
f. Working Committee for Consultancy

a . Division for Vision and Color
b. Division for Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation
c. Division for Interior Environment and Lighting Design
d. Division for Lighting and Signaling for Transport
e. Division for Exterior and Other Lighting Applications
f. Division for Photobiology and Photochemistry
g. Division for Light Sources
h. Division for Luminaires
i. Division for Lighting for Stage, Film and TV Studio
j. Division for Image Technology

After the establishment of CIES, thanks to 15 years of arduous work and exploration, especially since its Second Council of Directors was formed, CIES has succeeded in learning to adhere to the principle of running the Society in a democratic way, readjusting and improving its organizational structure, completing rules and regulations, and establishing a united highly efficient and refined executive organ. By giving full play to the collective leadership and the role of the Society as a mass organization, following the ideas of reform: working and developing independently and with self-discipline, seizing the occasion by the forelock to compete for survival and development, and carrying out enthusiastically activities allowed for the Society, CIES has finally embarked on the track of sound development. For its outstanding contributions to the cause of China¡¯s lighting science and technology, CIES was conferred on the honorary title of ¡°Advanced Society¡± by China Association for Science and Technology at the 5th Plenary Session of the 5th Congress of the Association in January, 2000.

Make-up of the CIES Third Council of Directors:

President: Wang Jinsui
Routine vice-president: Xu huai(f.)
Vice-Presidents: Liu xingming, Zhu shaolong, Wu chuyu, Bing shukui, Luo hong(f.) Zhao jianping, Cai guosheng,, Cui yiping, Dai deci(f.)
Secretary General: Xu huai(f.)
Vice Secretaries General: Wang dayou, Liu shiping, Yang chunyu, Chen Dahua, Zhou keming, Qu suhui(f.), Gao fei(According to surname stroke arrangement)

Add: NO. 3A. Changpocun, Dabeiyao, Chaoyang District. Beijing ,100022 , CHINA
Tel: 86-10-65815905
Fax: 86-10-65812194
Website: http://cies.lightingchina.com
E-mail: cies_china@163.com

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