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Epistar invests in planar LED lighting specialist Oree  (2011-1-7)
Taiwan's leading LED chip maker has invested in a company that has developed a thin, flat and uniform LED-based light source.
LED downlights bring together Creative Technology Hong Kong and Future Lighting Solutions  (2011-1-5)
Future Lighting Solutions and Creative Technology have joined forces to create a new line of solid-state downlights.
The 9th Senior Interior LED lighting System Developed Training Courses Held in Guangzhou  (2010-12-28)
On 27th December,The 9th Senior Interior LED lighting System Developed Training Courses Held in Guangzhou Cyberport Hotel,which co-sponsored by the CIES Education&Training Committee and lightingchina.This cours has attracted 30 participants who comes from other lighting companies...
Consumer Lighting grows speedly Lighting Factory will facing enormous competitive pressure  (2010-11-8)
After tenyears developments,the lighting industry grow rapidly which was driven by rapid economic development.Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the decoration, furniture, household appliances has gradually apparently.Improving the overall level of lighting...
Director of the Office of Guangdong Science and Technology said that the development of LED industry is a revolution  (2010-11-4)
LED lighting industry with high-end new electronic information industry, the electric car industry to work in Guangdong Province is listed as the three strategic focus on the development of new industries, grasp the core technology research, improve the capability of independent ...
LED lamp is assembly to be a industry,what would LED lighting be going?  (2010-11-4)
Have heard, "LED lighting is now some hot" sound, but with the advent of LED light source of this new, lighting appliances and lighting industry is no doubt usher in transition."Nikkei Electronics," Sept. 21, 2009 issue of the Series "LED lighting Warring States Period," devoted ...
Guangzhou Asian Games to mobilize people by color illumination lights  (2010-11-3)
Regret Cross light "just does Motion"
LED overcapacity investment boom set off controversy  (2010-11-3)
LED production capacity of the storm a long time, so that LED companies feel so embarrassed.Speaking of LED production capacity, were always concerned about the industry inadvertently saw a lot of reports, or excess capacity, or capacity tight.As the media reported, as the LED in...
In China 1025 illumination energy conservation environmental protection, and other inputs will reach 3.1 trillion  (2010-11-3)
In the state council has issued the "decision", the energy conservation environmental protection industry row in strategic emerging industry "seven gold flower" first. According to estimates that, "1025" period, China's energy conservation and environmental protection investm...
High power LED lamps and lanterns is first applied in domestic undersea tunnel  (2010-11-3)
With the undersea tunnel engineering jiaozhou bay ground-launched wiring part tunnel all realization link up, undersea tunnel engineering pavement construction formally entered the bidding process.It is learned, undersea tunnel pavement construction scale of 170,000 square meters...
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