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Lightingchina Organized the successful "Application situation of High-power LED road lamp Debate" on Nov. 29, 2008
2008-12-3 Click to comment


Background of the Debate

Under today's global energy deficiency circumstance, energy-saving has become the trend of the times.And at the same time our government is making great efforts to promote energy-saving and emission reduction. LED light is under steady development on top of its energy-saving, long-life and pollution-free. Especially for high-power LED street lamp, which is of great popular in China, attracts a number of enterprises to start their investment. But we should also see the cost of investment on the project is too high, as well as the there are many technical barriers in front. Right now some insiders is calling on the over-hearted development of high-power road LED lamps. Then, what would happen to its technology and development prospect? 

Which kind of view is correct? What is way we should choose for the development of high-power LED lamps?Let's come together and speak out our standpoint and participate the "Application situation of High-power LED road lamp" debate.

Topic: The Application Situation of High-power LED Road Lamp

Participants and Audience:

Representatives from CIES

Experts of LED technology

Delegates from Design Institute and Street-lamp Station

General managers, technical directors and enterprise delegates of high-power LED lamps

LED accessories manufacturers

Time: 13:00, Nov.29th, 2008

Site:  Guangdong International Hotel Caifengge, 4th floor, No.339 Wan See Road E., Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

The vice-chairman&secretary-general of the CIES Xuhuai presented there as a guest and made a speech on the debate.

She pointed out as well that debaters on both sides are of authority, they had all made deep thinking and research on relative issues, and their point of views are of strong representation. She believes that as the financial crisis is spreading, the government is increasing the investment to boost domestic demand.It is a good time for our lighingchina holding this innovative debate. It can not only strengthen the communication among insiders, but also gave better impetus to the healthy development of our Chinese roadway illumination.


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