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Town Fair once again to lead the ninth lamp lighting color in China
2010-10-26 Click to comment

Fair lights from the opening of the ninth day by day approaching.This reputation is well into the town's lighting capital of China, you can see traces of intense preparation. Jubilation from the large size of the hotel, to talk of the town's lively; active participation from the lighting business to the town government's efforts to promote the Ninth Light Fair is an immeasurable influence on its once again become the fashion color of the Chinese lighting weathervane.

This year, the town lights blowing Fair is based on the wave of new energy to lead the green LED upgrade. Here is gradually transformed into a convergence of many world-renowned lighting companies headquarters, as well as the application of new energy LED ocean.Among the ambition in the town, the future will continue to be light enough to emulate the Frankfurt Fair and the Hong Kong Lighting Fair exhibition at the core, a set of building out a research and development, design, procurement, tourism and leisure in one of the lighting, home shopping paradise.

Three highlights of this lamp Fair

Theme Update

From the original "trend-illuminate the world" theme, updated to "make the lights are brighter, so that more green lights," highlight the green light, in line with the spirit of the current era of low-carbon economy.


Show from 6 days to 4 days, that is, October 18 to 21, focused on time good service exhibitors and buyers, which saves the cost of the exhibition, but also with international practice.

Content more refined

The main push LED Applications Show exhibition, and further highlight the ancient town to build a "LEDCITY" features.

Show results: 100% one month prior to the completion of the task breeze

Founded in 2009 in Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Hua Ruiguang within a Department of advanced high-speed packaging equipment to operate with, and buried a number of scientific researchers in studying the new technology.The company is working towards the "China LED packaging standards guide those who create the most growth of the value of LED lighting products supplier" goal.

Into 2010, in the town, such as Hua Ruiguang electric field trying to break a new world in the LED business can be said to be numerous.LED upgrades enterprise restructuring, and the lights are energy industry through the development of new green transformation by leaps and bounds.

Held at this juncture no doubt that the Ninth is more far-reaching light Fair.Not only does it once again assume the role of the Chinese lighting color in vane, but also as an important symbol of town in transition, to the world continues to lead the high-profile showcase of new light industrial town ambition.

Weihong Rui, according to deputy mayor, Guzhen Town, introduced earlier this light breeze Fair in April of this year officially launched the program of work developed by the beginning of the Preparatory Committee office arranged for the work of 10 people responsible for the breeze, the implementation responsibilities to person, by telephone, fax, text messaging, and corporate visits and other forms of communication.After 3 months of hard work, light breeze Fair progressing well.

According to statistics, as of August 31 Light Fair ninth tasks already completed 100% of the breeze, a total of 603 exhibitors, is scheduled to stand 2253 (as calculated in units equivalent to the standard booth), a total of 20,281 square meters.Among them, the special booth 365, 60% of the total quotient exhibitors, special booth occupied an area of 17,449 square meters, 86% of the total area, special equipment results have been very obvious.

"In the breeze the process, focus and achieve full integration of the PC, try to focus on big clients to promote participation. For this reason, the PC Fair in addition to good lighting showroom floor renewal and long-term investment work, but also to ensure that Light Fair booth implementation of loyal customers. At the same time, we seize the overall progress of the breeze, to ensure early completion of various stages of development objectives and enhance the light breeze Fair overall level of exhibitors. "Weihong Rui said.

Green Transformation:

The LED lights illuminate the town ninth Fair

In the transformation of economic development is sweeping the context of the whole of Guangdong, to lighting the town known for light industry is trying to achieve with the new green transformation.Since the end of last year, who dominated the town filled with new energy-intensive commitment of the many plans already introduced to the irresistible force of the spirit driving the industry to achieve green transformation.

In this context, the town held its ninth Fair lights, LED will undoubtedly become the biggest hero.

It is understood that town this year, the ninth launch of LED lights Fair timely application development, the traditional lighting and high-tech, low energy consumption with LED display, but also the theme for this year's lights Fair "Let the lights are brighter, so that more green lights "to cultivate the emerging LED lighting industry, to build international LEDCITY.

To this end, the Preparatory Committee specifically on the lights this year, the Expo Hall was rational planning, while developing LED applications pavilion incentives, access, participation processes.Application of the current development of LED based 2B, 2C two exhibition, planned for 325 booths (the equivalent to the standard booth units) nearly 5,000 square meters, for the majority of LED manufacturers to build a technology exchange, trade cooperation, industry interaction on the big stage.

It is worth mentioning that the application of the LED is very popular exhibition of the investment, LED show active business registration booth in short supply.According to statistics, there are currently Auman Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd., Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang were created, AZE-Lite (HK) Ltd. And other LED 154 exhibitors, special equipment area of 2315 square meters exhibition area, accounting for the total exhibition area of LED 46.3%.Ancient trading center LED is great interest in a more organized 31 exhibitors, scheduled to reach 550 square meters exhibition area.

More exhibitors to meet the requirements of the Preparatory Committee also specifically in the addition of the exhibition hall for the first time outside the booth.Outside, a total of 1093.5 square meters exhibition area, converted into 122 standard booths, these booths are optimized through the function areas out of the new plan during the exhibition floor in the hall, two, three hall outside the main channel Booth added.

Weihong Rui said that increase the hall outside the booth will be a more rational use of resources in the exhibition hall, but also give full play to the role of the functional areas.The new LED optimal planning to allow more exhibitors get the chance to show.

Quality control:

The best lighting products in China by leading fashion color

As the annual industry event, no doubt represents the ancient town of Fair lights lighting the highest industry standards.Demonstrated by this exhibition of the year a variety of cutting-edge technology, is backward by many companies to follow suit sought after.In town to promote the comprehensive upgrade of the mark, how to further improve product quality exhibitors, this year's Fair is a major town lights focus.

This reporter learned that, in line with the organization of the Ninth Light Fair, the town has enacted a "strong town quality" implementation plan to carry out the quality of strong town activities, the main producers of energy-saving lamps inspections and site guidance, found in breach of the production and unlicensed production of energy-saving lamp enterprises, immediately notify the municipal quality supervision department handled its filing.

Meanwhile, the town has failed to strengthen the corporate tracking corrective sampling, one by one on the failed enterprise risks producing the quality of the scene examination, and the corresponding correction to the same time urge enterprises to quickly take appropriate corrective measures and implement them.Rectification and refuses to unqualified enterprises overdue rectification notices issued suspend production for rectification, the rectification shall be ordered quickly and effectively to help businesses do a good job of product quality from the source to further improve the quality of town lighting products, while ensuring product quality exhibitors.

In fact, in the implementation of the "quality of strong town" before the town already built up a quality monitoring platform, with built in lighting the town's provincial quality inspection station, Guangzhou electrical safety inspection station technology, strengthen quality supervision and inspection service combination of quality and technical supervision, from product quality, service quality, quality standards and other aspects related to all areas of the lighting industry, the overall quality of lighting products has been improved.

Meanwhile, the town is also actively establish a government, chambers of commerce and social forces and other coalition organizations, quality control and complementary platform to improve the quality of the town full consciousness, mobilize social forces to jointly do a good job quality.And accelerate the establishment of town industry standard lighting industry alliance to develop Union standards, and guide enterprises to establish a suitable quality management system in strict accordance with standards of production and sales.

Town more than tin pot town party secretary expressed the hope that through the establishment of industrial technology innovation and quality monitoring platform, platform, strongly supported by technological innovation to improve the quality of lighting products, technology and quality of the basis of consolidating the brand, to promote the lighting industry clusters to the high concentration, high-tech, high value-added transformation for town lighting industry from the "town imitation" to "manufacturing town" again "town to create a" change in lighting to make mention of the town thought that the watch was as think of Switzerland, the "town lighting" to create a world-class regional brands.

Service Upgrades:

Free shuttle service through Jin Han Exhibition Center

A successful world-class event, in addition to excellent facilities, but also need good software services.Fair held in eighth in the light based on the Fair again this year, the service lights on a large-scale upgrade.

For example, early in the Preparatory Committee of GILF buyers on the accumulation of years of rigorous screening database to verify, the formation of nearly 20,000 high-quality buyers database, and in May to complete the first work of buyers mailing invitations.It is understood that for the first two of the major foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to send invitations to buyers, a total of 2552 invitations were sent, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, 531 copies, 2021 copies abroad.Meanwhile, the Preparatory Committee through the Internet to nearly 5 million people in the industry invitation mail.

Targeted invitations sent in the same time, light is also active against the PC Fair exhibition site revision, and constantly enrich Web site information, to enhance the international image of Fair lights and international competitiveness, improve the core town lighting competitiveness of enterprises to enter the town lighting era of brand competition to provide more information and services.Meanwhile, the PC also with Global Sources, China Lighting kenfor commerce website and other professional partnerships, in their pages to do the link lights Fair to raise awareness and views Light Fair website.

According to the recruitment of temporary staff in the program, the PC Fair this year, lights, Zhongshan University is also cooperating with the Electronic Science and Technology, a collection of more than 300 students from the college application resumes, interviews and was conducted June 26, the selection out of 88 students to participate in the exhibition field service work.

Is different with the previous year, specifically the PC Fair in the town lights to receive 14 high school students to participate in service work, training people in town love the lighting culture.

It was also introduced to facilitate more effective in attracting customers to the venue visit the Fair quality procurement, to further enhance the visibility of Fair lights, lights town during the fair this year, the Canton Fair set up to train town lights will be free from Fair Ethernet Square to Jin Han Exhibition Center.

Industry, supporting projects

A. King of century lamp

The town party committee decided that the "Century Light King" feature set for partial adjustment, and no hotel projects, an increase of 14 square meters of commercial space.Currently, the project construction and operation of the specific issues are approached to discuss with the investment enterprises.

B. lamps Mall

This year, 10 million square meters of light with City Ruifeng International, 20 million square meters of city lights are international lamps and 5 million square meters of the World Trade Center, Expo lighting the larger professional market has put into operation, Cao Outdoor lighting store, Cao three building materials market will also be completed by the end building.

C. Research Base

Lighting incubation and R & D center building will be put into use during the year.At present, the town has been with Zhejiang University, Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology and other universities for research cooperation, and successfully apply to become a specialized industry in Guangdong Province Combination of new energy demonstration base.In addition, the Productivity Promotion Center, the lights are business incubator management services company has been registered officially entered a substantive operation.

Lights are five-year plan

A. sales platform

The next 5 years, building major cities in the country 20-30 home town lighting stores, and gradually the town lighting chain of national marketing platform, scale, a lighting industry, "Macalline (see map)."


Improve and implement the listing of enterprises to promote the quality of the policies and measures, to promote the quality enterprises listing and financing, and strive to 5 years the town has three public enterprises.

C. CBD building

Chung Hsing Road as the axis, the king as the center lamp century, planned area of 6 square kilometers, with total investment of 10.0 billion in the construction of productive service area, the landmark cultural display area lighting, modern lighting business function areas, modern high end business office gathering area, lighting and other industrial and technical products business district, "four districts around", and strive through 3-5 years of planning and construction, the town playing a set of central business district administration, business, commercial, residential and leisure one of the political, economic and cultural center.

The new upgrade strategy

Town To build lighting industry "Redstar"

Implementation of a comprehensive upgrade as a major strategy for the construction of lighting in the city of town marketing platform, the national chain recently made new progress.Leading enterprises in the town lighting Lighting Group in Beijing wins the ball nearly 70,000 square meters rented a large shopping mall, lighting and display lighting as a sales platform for corporate image, a town "going out" strategy on behalf of enterprises.

Currently, street lighting has been far from show business to meet the demand for town lighting.With the lights of Times Square and the opening of the World Trade Expo Centre lighting, lighting of town more and more enterprises have realized the importance of independent lighting display platform.

Lighting Group wins the ball in short supply store to see the illuminations, is now stepping up to the Silver Spring Hotel and Oriental Hotel, the construction and decoration. The official opening of two major hotel renovation work was completed, it will be another two supermarkets display lighting.

In addition to the expansion of the local stores in addition to lighting, lighting was also the first attempt to win the ball "going out", the group want to build a large lighting store in Beijing, to its own brand and the "town lighting" brand directly into the domestic consumer market and even the international terminal and expand market share.According to reports, the project is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the project covers an area of about 50 acres, with a total construction area of nearly 7 million square meters.Surrounding commercial atmosphere, great development potential.

Area Lighting Group chairman wins the ball into Cong said the project's investment will focus on the town lighting business, as the town's brands focused on the Beijing Capital show.Because of this store and the user directly to the local market, less the intermediate links, lighting company for the north extension of the market town will play a larger role in promoting.

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