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In China 1025 illumination energy conservation environmental protection, and other inputs will reach 3.1 trillion
2010-11-3 Click to comment

In the state council has issued the "decision", the energy conservation environmental protection industry row in strategic emerging industry "seven gold flower" first. According to estimates that, "1025" period, China's energy conservation and environmental protection investment will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, scale will than "11th five-year plan" period of 1.4 trillion yuan more than doubled.

Through in policy making participants reporter knews that energy conservation and environmental protection scientific experts, industry analysts interview survey and typical of the listed company site agent camp, unscramble for you three industrial keywords, thus clear energy conservation and environmental protection industry how "become a national prize of economic recovery is one of important leverage".

Energy conservation and environmental protection industries

The national development and reform commission energy efficiency, director of the center YuCong told the daily economic news, at present, China's overall energy utilization efficiency in 33% around than the international advanced level, low about 10 percent. On energy consumption amount and utilization efficiency is presence with vast improvement space, can save thousands of 100 million yuan each year. After Copenhagen era, China government promises, unit of GDP in 2020 carbon dioxide than 40% ~ 45 percent drop in 2005.

YuCong tells a reporter, aimed at improving energy efficiency, energy saving, energy saving products contain energy saving equipment and energy conservation service three content. Energy-saving equipment mainly contain energy saving key technical equipment r &d and industrialization demonstration, high efficiency and energy saving equipment application promotion and monitoring energy saving regulatory network construction. Energy-saving product is placed for energy efficient appliances products, high efficiency and energy saving office products, high efficiency and energy saving commercial products, high efficiency and energy saving lighting products and energy-saving building materials product pentathlon. The energy conservation service industry mainly include energy contract management, energy audit, etc.

YuCong introduced, the present energy-saving industry many fields has led the world, such as energy-saving bulb 300 million, 60% ~ 70% all export, cement heat power generation technology and high efficiency household appliances technology in international very influential. The energy conservation service industry, energy contract management as popularizing was successfully introduced to China and its help enterprise energy efficiency design scheme and solve the low energy conservation financing difficulties of enterprise profit model adore. However, YuCong says, because of the social system and environment condition is different, many western experience for reference, we can't still need oneself to explore. And technology plans are by 2030 and developed countries keep synchronization. "Production is the main, promotion also is critical, many products exist market obstacle" YuCong think, some energy-saving product price is high, the government needs to traditional products with subsidy way to guide consumption, guarantee of manufacturer of living space.

Environmental value "1025" end up to 2 trillion

According to the Chinese environment macroscopic strategic research "shows that the future China environmental protection industry will continue to enjoy strong growth driven by 2010, is expected to environmental protection industry output will reach more than $1 trillion yuan, of 3% of GDP above. "According to the Chinese environment macroscopic strategic research "shows that the future China environmental protection industry will continue to enjoy strong growth driven by 2010, is expected to environmental protection industry output will reach more than $1 trillion yuan, of 3% of GDP above. "

With energy industry, as the environmental protection industry also contain equipment, product and service three main content.

Environmental equipment mainly include environmental key technologies and equipment, such as flue gas desulfurization large oxidation fan etc; And key equipment application refers to town life rubbish in the grate boiler burning etc and environmental quality monitoring regulatory facilities.Environmental protection product is divided into environmental protection material, environmental protection potions, degradable products and low emission products such as a few. And environmental protection service industry include environmental engineering services and consulting services.

China's environmental protection industry and the world developed country has very big disparity.For instance a few developed countries environmental industry growth rate of more than GDP growth.In 2003 the environmental protection industry output value is chemical industrial output of 3 times,By 2030 German environmental protection industry output is expected to reach $1 trillion euros,More than cars, mechanical industries such as Germany first big industry.

China's environmental protection industry not only lag in technology, meanwhile,it has question on ideas and system, etc.

For example in the eastern city, in a city's energy conservation and environmental protection industry,Output value over 100 million yuan of enterprise only 10 or so,More than 50 million yuan of fixed assets is less than 50 home,No one with environment protection as the main of the listed companies.And most enterprise in household economy.there primarily, industry development motive is not strong.

Waste to produce environmental protection industry developing system is one of the best examples of a missing.At present our country has have garbage incineration power generation capacity, but a large enterprise manager told the daily economic news reporter, they now ropey, power generation access issues unresolved, can only rely on others buy carbon trading profit, the future is full of uncertainties.
China environmental science association director WangYuQing also pointed out that developed countries environmental services account around 60% of the total amount of the environmental protection industry, while in China the proportion of less than 30%.

' 10 2 5 'period, as environmental taxation reform, marketization and franchising system consummation, the tax preferential policies implemented and handling fees requisition level increases, sewage treatment, waste disposal operation service market will develop rapidly. Environmental consultancy, environmental design, environment and trade service areas such as will also expand further." WangYuQing said. 

Resources recycling standards needs improvement

"Now the future is a very good waste of raw materials, recycling of resources to heaven, earth, water and waste consumption control of all." Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization Wang Shuwen excitedly of the "Daily Economic News "the reporter said.

Wang Shuwen said that the recycling of resources is the core of the circular economy.According to him, covering the field of mineral resources, recycling of solid waste, industrial waste, municipal solid waste and animal husbandry and fishery waste four.

Resource efficiency and recycling, Peking University Research Center, Xi Wang, director of the East to tell "Daily News" reporter in the field of resource recycling, especially of industrial waste fly ash, coal gangue and comprehensive utilization technologies are close to or reached the international advanced level.Straw, wood, Lee spent a number of energy-saving building materials and other resources, comprehensive utilization of high-tech products in the Olympic Games, World Expo applied.

Scale recycling industry has developed to nearly 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars, only the size of the U.S. renewable industry now stands at 500 billion U.S. dollars, more than the automotive industry as the nation's largest, most employment pillar industry.People have to understand, even the best, but iron ore output rate than scrap; 1 ton of waste circuit boards can be extracted 400 grams of gold; the past need to cost a lot incineration and landfill of waste plastic, and now sold for 1,000 U.S. dollars per ton.

Industry-standard resources recycling industry is still a common problem.To tailings treatment, for example, refers to metal or non-metallic tailings ore, the ore processing plant after the election to give up valuable "waste."Wang Shuwen said that the current standard of comprehensive utilization of metal mine tailings perfect, not complete but lagged behind, leading technology, process and product quality varies greatly, has affected the metal tailings comprehensive utilization of resources industry.Because of the standard system is not complete, making the industry standard for almost all areas of reference or by reference to relevant industry standards, did not fully consider the special nature of the industry.

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