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Guangzhou Asian Games to mobilize people by color illumination lights
2010-11-3 Click to comment

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary of Guangzhou, Zhang Guangning, Mayor of Guangzhou Wanqingliang investigated the Pearl River cruise night light works on both sides.It is reported that Guangzhou Landscape lighting projects around the city covering 200 square kilometers within the range of high-speed high-rise commercial buildings and residential buildings of 20 floors above, "four in one" sides of the road and other buildings.Focus on two axes (Pearl River axis, the new axis), twelve cross-river bridge, garden and the city main roads around the hotel area.Municipal Construction Committee said that to make the Asian Games opening day of the Pearl River more brilliant brilliant night, it is recommended to mobilize the public turn on the lights.In this regard, Zhang instructed relevant departments to "general time or minimize the nuisance." Wan Qing Liang said: "If the public lighting, the city government must send notice in advance to inform the public, the community must come to the public to do the work in advance; when necessary to provide some compensation. " Decorated in the night light works, from hotel to Pazhou Hall clouds along the Pearl River Light and the two sides on a high-rise commercial buildings and residential areas of the neon lights, spotlights, flashing billboards each other, against the background of the new Guangzhou beautiful style.Zhang Guangning, Wan Qingliang light in the night, accompanied by responsible person works under the guidance of both sides all the way to visit other nights scenery.

During the inspection process, the City Construction Committee, said the opening day of for the Pearl River to a more brilliant brilliant night, it is recommended to mobilize the public turn on the lights.Guangzhou City Construction Committee in accordance with the original idea, launched by the general public need to have two nights with the lights: one on Nov. 6 in Guangzhou China Central Television will carry out aerial photography, the second is 12, the opening night.Living in Yuexiu, Tianhe, Liwan, Haizhu, Baiyun, Huangpu and Panyu District (emphasis in the Asian Games City, University City area) and the public to support the Government's turn on the lights.Living in the Pearl River along the new axis region, the sea, the sand surrounding the core area of the public, in addition to two days, but also November 3, 4, 8, 10 evening 17:25-21:00, with the lights. Through the transparent lighting, night light to create a beautiful environment.

In this regard, Zhang was asked before the opening ceremony of light exercise to be reasonable, "you get one or two on it, get every day, people have opinions."Zhang was also instructed, in the rectification rehearsal, the unit lights can be bright, but do not force ordinary residents lighting, rehearsal time is not long. Wan Qingliang also say: "If you want the public light, the city government must send notice in advance to inform the public, the community must come to the public in advance of work to do." He told director Hou Quan next Construction Committee, planned light of the time required section, to avoid the occupation of the public for too long, "when necessary to provide some compensation is the only thing."


Guangzhou Bridge "is pretty enough!"

Inspection tour throughout the process, Bridge Crossing the River twelve decorated
especially dazzling.Cruise line to the people of the bridge, the bridge sideways sparking change different colors, made it very bright.Wan Qing Liang looked and said, "good people of the bridge lights!" Light more dazzling scenery, undoubtedly the area of the Guangzhou Bridge. Guangzhou Bridge deck layout of the seven color rotation spot, far away across the Pearl River looked like a night of "Rainbow."Even more amazing is that while colored spotlights pointing to the night sky, looked up in the clouds you can see the seven-color collection of clouds.That was the scene, Zhang can not help but sigh, "This pretty enough!"

Guangzhou Bridge in the vicinity of the most watched, is standing on both sides of the Guangzhou International Financial Center (West Tower) and Guangzhou tower.West wavy light layout, full of charm to an afar.The yellow and purple flashing gold lights decorating the tower in Guangzhou, the Aura looks more like a moving "Mermaid."No wonder Zhang was generous praise, saying that this looks like the tower of Guangzhou "glass skin" is not truly dazzling looks crystal clear, as is a "Pearl Beauty."Cruise close tower near Guangzhou, the shore of the sea, sand square bright lights, the venue wall still flashing the "Guangzhou 2010", "Guangzhou welcomes you," the subtitles.Colorful appearance of a large number of Asian cruise ship, docked in front of the bank towers in Guangzhou. The reporters also saw the Pearl River water has been floating the Asian Games emblem, will be shining lights into the night, when the aerial can be clearly seen when the Pearl River night.


Cross light "just does Motion"

According to the relevant person in charge, night light removal of some of the renovation project the original neon sign, the lights were on both sides to re-design and layout.This reporter saw through the night despite the light works, arranged on both sides basically a landscape lighting, shading and orderly look, color white, patchwork, on the whole do a more detailed design.

"It seems too much of 'clean' it!" Some time ago, the Guangzhou Asian Games to welcome a lot of clean-up billboards, the results of Pearl River's night saw the light and the lack of a point "dynamic."Wan Qingliang this appears to be very concerned about: "dynamic city, the fashion capital, commercial capital, how can we not point neon?" Has always advocated dismantling billboards Zhang was also agreed: "No batch, due are removed, the rest are allowed, no neon signs To look dynamic enough. "" can still be lit up bright. "Wan Qingliang way in the study pointed out that the original neon signs can be properly restored, some light not enough to pull light area network should be considered, open interior lights, which can increase the vitality of both sides, in order to better show the City of Life, the fashion capital of style. He also proposed lighthouse along the coast can be added, so that cross-strait night look more dynamic.

Zhang was the night before concluding its investigation, said a positive light project as a whole that made the Pearl River has improved remarkably compared to the previous night, the details of the contour in the landscape performance look better.He also said that the next night light works both sides need to further strengthen the linkage mechanism, so that the overall effect of light to keep pace.


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