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LED lamp is assembly to be a industry,what would LED lighting be going?
2010-11-4 Click to comment

September 10, Panasonic released the LED bulb.Hitachi Lighting (HitachiLighting) has also recently (September 16) announced support for the dimmer LED bulbs. At this point, Toshiba Lighting Technology (ToshibaLighting & Technology), NECLighting, Mitsubishi Electric Osram (MitsubishiElectricOsram), etc. All 5 major lighting manufacturers introduced LED bulbs.Price of the product to manufacturers almost the same: no support for the dimmer is about 4,000 yen to support the dimmer 5000 yen.About half the price this spring.Lit the fuse of low prices of just last year, LED lighting business to get involved Sharp, Toshiba, followed by lighting technology, introduced with the price of the product, and the remaining four companies are between August to September released one by one new products. May be affected, newspapers and online "LED Lighting", "LED bulbs" appear with increasing frequency.

Have heard, "LED lighting is now some hot" sound, but with the advent of LED light source of this new, lighting appliances and lighting industry is no doubt usher in transition."Nikkei Electronics," Sept. 21, 2009 issue of the Series "LED lighting Warring States Period," devoted to the changes in the dynamics of the lighting industry.

This change from the main lighting, fluorescent light bulbs into a slightly different time. Prior to lighting the lamp, fluorescent lamps and other lighting equipment and installation of light sources (lamps) component.Incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps are to be so.
Therefore, the manufacturers have some sort of division of labor. But the LED is shake the foundation.Sharp has a LED light bulb dimming function is a good example (although the delay time to market.)Although the shape of a bulb, but the function is lighting.Because the bulbs and lamps out of the structure bound, they were able to achieve more freedom of product design.

Moreover, the original bulb manufacturing equipment industry is also gradually LED packaging and power supply to the procurement and production of the "assembly industry" change.Examples of NECLighting their goods and(IRISOHYAMA) of the LED light bulb.At first glance, two products exactly the same.I initially thought it was NECLighting OEM supplier to provided.I asked and found out, these two products are independently designed.Only because the exterior of the heat sink using an external procurement of standard products (there may be some degree of customization), so the appearance is rather similar.

With the bulk of the component parts, put it bluntly, even without the knowledge of electrical design and thermal design, it could make LED light bulbs, may be difficult to form a big difference in performance.As the level of personal computer division to become the assembly industry, it is difficult to rely on winning that deal with performance differences.If the basic components - LED packages are improved, the situation will be more severe.Because the power, brightness, color and other basic properties of the performance depends largely on the package performance.If so, LED bulbs will inevitably evolve into a simple dispute over a price war.

More than likely out of fear, lighting manufacturers also hope to get rid of existing incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps mouth shape and the restrictions can play the full development of the new system features LED lighting.But only in Japan is the E26-shaped light output port 200,000,000, E17-shaped 100 million, could not immediately be discontinued.Therefore, the existing lighting installed in the LED lighting is still used on a large number of requirements.Moreover, LED long life light bulbs, replacement demand is not high, in order to win must seize the initiative.In the future, what will be the low price of speed?Industry enterprises will be increased to what extent?We wait and see.



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