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Consumer Lighting grows speedly Lighting Factory will facing enormous competitive pressure
2010-11-8 Click to comment

Consumer Lighting grows speedly Lighting Factory will facing enormous competitive pressure

After tenyears developments,the lighting industry grow rapidly which was driven by rapid economic development.Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the decoration, furniture, household appliances has gradually apparently.Improving the overall level of lighting consumption.

Lighting manufacturers, lighting brand more intense competition in the market

Lamp lighting brands internationally renowned master of arts Tu Bin charge the media interview, said that based on the rapid development of domestic lighting industry, Zhongshan City Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. focuses its happy home lighting lights arts master brand through 2009 year of preparation, in 2010 will be exported instead of the national investment, through the expansion of the market chain stores lighting, lighting monopoly to build the country well-known brands.Model proved to completely meet the master of arts lamp lighting industry trends, professional services, brand monopoly to become lighting industry as a whole lighting, intelligent lighting, stylish lighting, the main mode of consumption, with the Northeast, Northwest lighting market opened, the brand appeared in the lighting chain store will prevail in the medium and small cities, and exclusive mode of Arts Master of Light, just to meet the market demand.Of course, fully aware of the market, rational investors must consider every lighting a prerequisite for investors.

At present, the lighting capital of China town, after ten years in development, the expansion to the cross bar, Dongsheng, Jiangmen, radiation Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, in recent years, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places, Lighting & Electrical Factory is developing rapidly, fast-growing lighting market, market characteristics continue to emerge.In 2010, both the lighting store, or lighting wholesale center in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities, lighting consumption has become home decoration, furniture and furnishings of the mainstream products, northwest, northeast China, but also with energy-saving lamps, LED great lighting effects, lighting market becomes clearer.In rural areas, towns, the rise of large-scale lighting stores also cater to the fast-growing new rural consumer demand.

Under such conditions, the city lighting store competition is heating up stage, the following furniture, household appliances, the lighting business is facing brutal competition in the market.Experts predict that as the lighting consumption in the future to further speed, urban, rural, low-end consumer full speed, medium and small lighting companies will face unprecedented competitive pressures.

Lighting products, lighting quality and homogeneity of the brand-led market

A few years ago, the town lighting at home can be the boss often has frequently receivedexport orders, or domestic lighting supermarkets, the wholesale support of the city, such as market prices are often able to reap the profits.With the increase in Guzhen Lighting Factory, "shopkeeper" as if the town can not adapt to the rapid development of industrial structure, relying on Alibaba, the network of modern e-commerce sales model, a small town lighting plant needs the cheapest deal opportunities market. However, fashion, health of the modern lighting products, much can not be merely a small supermarket, retail stores, large-scale lighting stores, continue to stimulate the well-known lighting brands stand out.The brand is also no doubt that the "monopoly" market, this way, the brand rise to become the ultimate competition in the industry.

Well-known lighting brands town master head lights painted Art Bin told reporters, town streets, the major shops, lighting square, all kinds of lighting, more than 6,000 lighting factories, so that town gathered the country and the world's most stylish, innovative, personalized lighting products, while high-intensity lighting industries, but also copied to town lighting components, lighting or less the same everywhere.There is no doubt that exposure to such a lighting capital, merchants, consumers are often confused, and the brand, quality, price becomes the town lighting enterprises must continue to highlight the focus, the only way to well-known lighting brands.

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