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LED downlights bring together Creative Technology Hong Kong and Future Lighting Solutions
2011-1-5 Click to comment

LED downlights bring together Creative Technology Hong Kong and Future Lighting Solutions 

Future Lighting Solutions and Creative Technology have joined forces to create a new line of solid-state downlights.

Future Lighting Solutions today announced a joint development project with Creative Technology Hong Kong Limited yielding a new line of solid-state downlights manufactured under Creative Technology’s Mabushi brand.

The luminaires utilize Luxeon Rebel LED and were designed with thermal, electrical and optical support from Future’s engineering team.

The collaboration resulted in 23 LED downlight models that last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and reduce both power consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 80%. The fixtures are being distributed in 10 countries throughout Asia and Europe.

Future aided Creative in driver selection and overall system design, using proprietary tools to accelerate and optimize LED system development, including maximizing LED output and lifetime.

Tools used for the project included Future’s SSL Designer for defining, calculating and optimizing baseline system requirements and costs; Usable Light Tool for analyzing LED performance under specific operating conditions; LED Reliability Tool for determining LED lifetime; and QLED for detailed thermal analysis of the LED solution design.

“The Mabushi line is our first [attempt at] solid-state general lighting. For that reason, we relied heavily on Future’s engineers in designing the LED assembly,” said Kenneth Yang, Managing Director of Creative Technology. “Their tools and expertise helped speed our time to market as well as deliver a high-performance product.”

“Solid-state lighting is steadily gaining momentum, but LED application development is still a challenge for most luminaire manufacturers,” said Winter Chan, Regional Sales vice president of Future Lighting Solutions. “This project illustrates the extensive engineering support we offer to help our customers get their products from the drawing board to store shelves.”

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