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Veeco wins MaxBright MOCVD orders from GPI
2011-6-1 Click to comment

Taiwan-based Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) plans to deploy Veeco’s new TurboDisc MaxBright Multi-reactor MOCVD System to ramp high-brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing capacity. GPI says applications in automotive, display backlights, and general lighting is driving demand, and the new MaxBright system provides a significant productivity gain over earlier Veeco MOCVD reactors.

”We have been very pleased with the production proven performance of Veeco's K465i MOCVD systems already installed in our manufacturing facility. They helped us to achieve LED brightness higher than the industry average,” said David Chung, chairman and CEO of GPI. “By now adding Veeco’s new MaxBright systems, we will further lower our LED manufacturing costs, maximize our fab space, and accelerate our productivity.” The companies have not specified the number of reactors that GPI will buy, only calling it a multi-unit order.

Veeco supplies the MaxBright system in either a 2- or 4-reactor cluster architecture. The company asserts that the reactor design delivers a 2.5x increase in foot-print efficiency relative to the company’s earlier K465i system - making more efficient use of manufacturing space. Moreover, the company claims a 500% productivity gain for the new system in part due to support for wafers as large as 6 inches in diameter.

”We are particularly pleased that GPI is choosing MaxBright, which further solidifies our relationship with this important customer as they grow their position in the LED industry,” said William J. Miller, Executive Vice President, Veeco LED & Solar. “Our customers are resonating with the message that the MaxBright system can deliver more good LEDs for less money than other tools on the market.”

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