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LED Light Bulb Price in Japan Underwent Steep Drop in November
2011-12-23 Click to comment

  According to the price survey of LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the ASP of LED light bulbs for 40W incandescent light bulb replacement slightly decreased 2% in November, while the ASP in Japan plunged by nearly 10%. As for the LED light bulbs for 60W incandescent light bulb replacement, the ASP slightly increased, but the lowest price fell below US$ 24.

  40W Equivalent LED Light Bulb Prices Underwent Steep Drop


  LEDinside’s survey indicates that even though the ASP of LED light bulbs for 40W incandescent light bulb replacement dipped merely 2%, it dropped by 10% in Japan due to the global and Japanese brand names’ increasingly aggressive price strategies. At present, the ASP of 40W replacement is at about US$ 22.6 worldwide and below US$ 20 in Japan. LEDinside indicates that the South Korean market still has the most competitive price (approximately US$ 11.4) for LED light bulbs for 40W replacement.

  60W Equivalent LED Light Bulb Prices Plummeted Below US$ 24


  As for the prices of LED light bulbs for 60W incandescent light bulb replacement, the ASP slightly increased 2% in November due to exchange rate fluctuations and the adjustment of product strategies. The ASPs in Japan and the United States surged due to major makers launching new types of LED light bulbs. However, LEDinside finds that despite the high prices of certain new LED light bulbs resulting in higher ASP, the old light bulbs’ prices are still facing a downtrend. As a result, the light bulb prices in markets continue to fall. For example, the price of Philips’ 800lm warm white LED light bulb in the United States dropped from US$ 24.97 in October to US$ 24 in November, representing a 4% decrease.

  Perspectives from LEDinside

  In addition to the prominent downtrends in Europe, the United States and Japan, prices of the LED light bulbs in China begin to drop as well. LEDinside states that in terms of the high-end products (with luminous efficacy higher than 80lm/W or 800lm), manufacturers’ strength in product development will primarily determine their products’ prices. However, with the improved market acceptance, technological advancement and decreased costs, the price downtrend is expected to persist. After all, when consumers choose between products with similar specifications and qualities, price will come into play, in particular so for 400lm light bulbs.

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