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City of Tulsa Installs High Quality, Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting in Historic Brady District
2012-2-8 Click to comment

  Amerlux and Bridgelux Enable New Street Lighting Solutions

  Tulsa, Oklahoma, known for most of the 20th Century as the Oil Capital of the World, is now leading the way with new energy efficient alternatives. Thanks to a highly successful collaboration between the City of Tulsa, U.S.-based luminaire manufacturer, Amerlux, and U.S.-based lightsource manufacturer, Bridgelux, modern, energy-efficient LED lighting are part of the restoration of Tulsa’s historic Brady district. About 200 Amerlux outdoor luminaires based on Bridgelux LED arrays are planned to illuminate the walkways around the new Driller Stadium and park. Sixty-four were installed in 2011 with the remaining street lights slated for installation this year. The new LED lighting is anticipated, in the long run, to save the City of Tulsa thousands of dollars in reduced energy and maintenance costs, compared to the conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) streetlights used in other areas of the city.

  “The collaboration between the City and its lighting manufacturer and supplier delivered a flexible, energy- and cost-efficient solution that significantly improved the quality and longevity of Tulsa’s outdoor lighting,” said Paul Strizek, planning and contracts manager for the City of Tulsa. “Together we delivered on the City’s commitment to reduce our energy use, increase sustainability and offer our citizens a better quality of light.”

  Featuring industry-leading Bridgelux ES LED arrays, the Amerlux D142 and D154 Series decorative downlight allows for a variety of optical configurations, enabling the systems to be optimized for a customer's unique needs such as application requirements and light output. This helps to ensure that light levels and light quality meet the application requirements for a particular environment. Moreover, the Amerlux D142 and D154 downlights deliver large lumen packages of up to 7600 and 5000 lumens respectively, making it an ideal replacement for HID luminaires.

  LED street lighting is an optimal solution for municipalities across the country, delivering immediate savings from lower energy costs and reduced maintenance costs. Further, high quality LED lighting increases the visibility and visual attraction of storefronts, restaurants and other hospitality and commercial environments, as demonstrated in the white paper published by LED Roadway Lighting1.

  1”Incorporating Spectrum Effects for Brightness Perception and Visual Detection at Mesopic Light Levels;” Samuel M. Berman, PhD and Jack Josefowicz, PhD.

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