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Characteristics of LED lighting technology analysis
2010-10-25 Click to comment

Application of energy efficient light sources

In recent years, with energy-efficient lighting technologies, energy-efficient lighting design lighting manufacturers have become the subject of concern, and are familiar with that, to achieve energy efficient lighting, energy-saving light source should be used first, which is to promote energy efficient lighting conditions; followed by energy source according to the size of shape, well-designed lamp optical system, the effective utilization and progress of decorative lighting effects.

Lamps integrated technology development focus

With the lights and lighting development and application integration, electronic lighting ballast as the representative of the rapid development of electronic technology, a variety of integrated devices and computer control systems and lighting systems for lighting applications has made significant progress, lamps and lighting system dimming, remote control, control of light and color and so on are a lot of improvement.

1, the modern means of dimming the lamp more advanced than before, convenient and flexible, in addition to dimming the lights in the set and switchgear, but also to use with integrated IR receiver or remote control dimmer light source device to vote dimming or dimming using a computer program.This dimming of the ceiling applicable to the present transformation, and the existing ten dimming system can be implemented in different places under stepless dimming and delay lighting.

2, the use of light and scene selector and low voltage lighting systems work the same road, with the usual connection to flexible multi-point control of lighting design and combines.This scenario is far dimmer and multi-interval scene controller installed, random combinations, suitable for conference rooms, museums and other places, convenient, flexible, control the effect is obvious.

3, using computer remote control units and lighting control room computer system, with the level of natural lighting, day and night time and the user's requirements, interior lighting automatically changes the state of light, the whole lighting system parameter settings, the screen changes and control achieved.  This control method is suitable for hotels, shopping malls and other civilian facilities.

4, the integrated technology is the development and the gradual integration of modern lighting. Integrated circuits using a variety of lamps, the energy-saving effect.If a U.S. company with the spotlight directed lighting, the use of integrated circuit, the lighting energy consumption has decreased substantially, integrated technology will become the trend of modern lighting design.

Development of the multi-function

With the development of compact light sources, new technologies, new processes continue to use, ballast and other electrical accessories, miniature lamps, modern lamps are to small, practical, multi-direction.

1, compact fluorescent lamps in the modern range of applications increased.The initial focus on fluorescent lamp development, now has been gradually extended to various types of lighting, all kinds of lighting and functional lighting places on the development. We can make a simple return to class: low-power compact fluorescent lamps commonly used in lamps, Grille with Secondary; high power compact fluorescent lamps for general use in a variety of road lamps, garden lights, lawn in; one of three compact fluorescent lamps with most of the electronic ballast and reflector together with a unique design, high efficiency lighting, when coupled with infrared remote control computers and other devices, even more economic and practical.

2, various small lighting design more sophisticated justice. Such as: British Thorne produced a mini spotlight, this lamp light texture of each terminal are equipped with a variety of optical accessories, including prism, lens, grating, etc., to control the beam, unique features, small size .

3, in order to adapt to changing modern architectural interior size, functional flexibility of changing requirements, the use of architectural space as much as possible to facilitate the people live, multi-function combination lamps came into being.Such as: home and office space for ceiling fan lights, the use of set lighting dimming and fan speed control function as one of the control system, both to implement the full range of dimming light, but also the implementation of third gear on the fan speed control, convenient and practical .Another example is the use of multi-function ward for lighting, either as visiting the background of the light reception, and both lamps, medical examination lights and night lights rounds four functions of nurses.

From the simple to the lighting and decorative lighting features both the development of

Modern lamps are in from the "light up" to "pretty up" the transition, the more exaggerated the decorative and aesthetic effect.Modern lighting design and production application of modern science and technology, the combination of classical style and contemporary, reflecting the results of modern lighting technology. European style of decoration generally matching crystal series of lamps, highlighting its luxury.Compound is characterized by the development of lighting: lighting conditions and to ensure visual comfort lamp with a variety of series of complete sets of most of the accessories selection, so that users need to be adjusted according.Both exaggerated personality, and exaggerate the coordination and the surrounding environment.In short, reflecting the level of modern lighting products is one important indicator to see whether in the coordination of the entire environment while highlighting their features and decorative effect environmental protection, energy saving lighting, and healthy new trend towards economic take-off standard of living continues to progress, Survival was removed to consider a life of thinking, how a better life, how to be more comfortable and healthy life, people demand more and more high-lighting more and more thinking, no longer based on the use or not.

Lighting products to the simple, stylish, personality, energy, health, environmental protection for the design, collection fashion, decoration and practicality in one of the last few years, by the Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games infrastructure driven light works with the rise of the city, into the green lighting project into a new golden age.But some enterprises lack the exquisite design level, lack of familiarity with lighting products, ability to single, or even the phenomenon of pure imitation, disturb the sound development of the industry, but also let consumers know what to do. What new products do not have access to more familiar, such as fiber optic lights, solar guided into the device, LED lights'> LED lights, which are environmentally friendly, energy, health, lighting design, not only to consider the lamp life, energy efficiency, but also to consider its role in creating an atmosphere.To realize the light on the comfort, more choice of different light sources, and fiber optic lights, LED lights, solar guided into the device, just right for the development of modern society, LED lights, fiber optic light of its brilliant color to the construction a very good thing to bring light effects, the use of the home, LED fiber optic lights in the upper hand in its color, her color is rich, has the upper hand is used to adjust the atmosphere will have a very romantic feeling.

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