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Ninth innovative ideas to lead the town lights lighting Fashion Fair
2010-10-26 Click to comment

(In accordance Linyin Gui Xu Yan Wu Chengnan Reuters) October 19, 2010, the Ninth Zhongshan Guzhen Fair schedule the next day, around the Fair this light "green, energy saving, innovation" as the central theme, attracted from around the world six hundred of exhibitors, but also for showing us the light of the distinction between the new face Fair - "Let the lights are brighter, so that lights are more green.Held in conjunction with the 2010 Summit and LED indoor applications Ge Laima fourth-generation commercial remote control smart switch conferences and related activities.

Even the sea are not resist the temptation to Po to see the lights Fair

Fair lights the day after the first day faded thunder of drums and lively atmosphere, but still the crowds milling around the scene. At night, we can see a variety of new addition to the green lighting of the exhibition, is also aware that the appearance of structure in the form of different lamps on breakthrough innovation, style has become this strange light another lamp Fair highlights, brought us extraordinary visual impact.

Green home energy consumption could be so simple

Bright lights the world

Shenzhen Lucky Valley Technology as brand director of the Department of Hou introduced the site to us, the advantage of energy-saving lamp lighting series, on the one hand to improve the durability of energy-saving lamps in the shape of energy-saving lamps, also breaking the traditional pattern, its appearance is a football , pumpkin, lotus lamp, and other unique shape; and reporter at the scene also noted that flaunt ornate ceiling decorated with noble and rich Hing Group, is to a "man with light", dressed in old European style dress girl shadows and ceiling Ceiling reflect each other, causing a large number of visitors to gather around.In the part of the booth through the display of lights at different locations, creating a strange atmosphere, leading buyers, as if into a starry lights the world.

So so romantic and charming Lantern

Light Fair ninth town, although only a short period of four days, but the only time, gave us shows the different companies from around the world created by the lighting products, from the lighting lamp energy, technology, shape, function has a significant breakthrough innovation, this may become the application of LED lighting fixtures, another big fashion trend, it remains to be seen.

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