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Innovative ideas into the next life
2010-11-2 Click to comment

Expo has always been known as the human economy, culture, science and technology as the Olympic Games, people can see the future life prospects from useing cutting-edge technology from the Expo.

Green technology showcase our low-carbon future

Shanghai World Expo will be the first to propose "low-carbon Expo"concept Expo, which is trying to achieve the broad objectives and based on the demonstration of low-carbon technologies for the future has including the largest demonstration of new energy vehicles running, the largest single area of solar roof demonstration run, the most concentrated use of semiconductor lighting technology demonstration.

In solar applications, 4 large permanent building of the China Pavilion, Expo Center, a museum and cultural center are installed in a large number of solar power generation facilities on the roof and glass walls, estimated at 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, and this is the largest demonstration area of solar photovoltaic cells.Among them, the Theme Pavilion solar panels roof area has over 30,000 square meters, is the world's largest single area of solar roof.These buildings has shown the prospects of useing of solar energy.

Shanghai World Expo, more than 1,000 new energy vehicles running in the Expo venue and surrounding.Among them, 120 are pure electric passenger cars, 140 electric venue vehicles and 100 fuel cell vehicles in the Expo tour has reached zero emissions; 350 hybrid cars, 150 hybrid buses in the Expo around has achieved low emissions.The world's largest demonstration of new energy vehicles running has made people see the future energy useing patterns.

Smart grid in the Shanghai World Expo is the first to comprehensive demonstration, including the new energy access, energy storage systems, intelligent substation, fault repair management system, distribution automation, intelligent building electric charging stations and electric vehicles with a model, and many other application.Museum of National Grid deputy director Jiang Xiaoyun said, smart grid can achieve large-scale energy and resources optimization mostly, though reducing energy loss, and promote the development of distributed power, to realise further reduce carbon emissions.According to reports, smart grid can also be priced according to busy degree of the network, enabling users to reserve at low tariff electricity, and released the electricity high release. In the long axis of 1 km of the Expo, more than 200 million units LED chips are shining in the night.It is understood that use of the Expo site 1,030,000,000 LED chips, lighting, indoor stadium is also used 80% LED light.The British Museum Resembling alike with Dandelion as "seed sanctuary" is the first time of large-scale use transparent acrylic rods in construction, acrylic rods each are embedded in the seeds of different plants, and is equipped with semiconductor lighting.During the day, the sun light through the transparent acrylic rod, lighting up the "seed Temple."At night, the LED light bar which contained within lighting the building brightly.LED light saving power than regular incandescent up to 90% and have started large-scale use in many cities in China .

Integrated our future life with creativity

What scientific and technological innovation can be set step in the near future into our lives and change the daily life of ordinary people?Shanghai World Expo has open the door to the future for us.

Area D is located in Puxi home shop space, "space breeding" exhibition has attracted people's attention.1 meter-long zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes ... ... According to reports, is a space technology, space breeding, biotechnology and agricultural breeding technology and agricultural breeding in one of the new approach, is the world's cutting-edge field of agriculture one of the topics of science and technology, have been carried out by agricultural experiments in space, plants, animals and other organisms, many of the characteristics of mysteries to be revealed.Space breeding has high yield, high-quality, early maturity, disease resistance and other characteristics.Currently, only the United States, Russia, China has successfully conducted a satellite equipped with space breeding. China was carried the seed to space in 1987.In the future, space seeds cultivated space food is expected to enter the homes of ordinary people.

In the Expo, volunteers are wearing green or blue clothing.These garments have protecting rain, wind, pollution, moisture, breathable, UV protection, flame retardant, quick-drying and other properties, the material also has instantaneous cooling effect.It is understood that these clothes are  newly developed with multi-functional green fabric,and will be promoted later after the Expo.In the Museum of the Japanese industry, service personnel are used kimono worn by a new type of recyclable material, after the World Expo, these uniforms were shipped back to Japan, the recycling and reuse system for processing reproduction.The staff of the German Pavilion were wearing a white T-shirt made from a special material that can degrade ,after the Expo over, the clothes will be landfilled in the ground, provide nutrients for the trees of Expo.

Traffic, as a part of city life, affect the quality of life to a big extent.SAIC - General Motors Pavilion, in the movie "2030, line", audience could saw the future of intelligent environment for a better car and 2030 Traffic Life: Driving the future will achieve zero emissions, zero fuel consumption, zero accidents, zero traffic jam.At the same time, drivers will become fashionable and fun, can be more energy-powered and automatic driving. It can also be learned in the related exhibition ,in the near future, things as part of the latest technology, the car will be through electronic networking technology under the control of the car and the car, the car system of information exchange with the outside world to achieve mutual connectivity.

Area E is located in Puxi city of the future Museum of the Imagination future of the city life in "the future is to achieve" exhibition, "Chinese digital home four diagnostic instruments," a collection of traditional Chinese medicine the look, smell, and asked, cutting, as long as the you extended hand, take a phote, you can be tailored health program.It is understood that this equipment is now put into use in some hospitals in Shanghai,and will be improved in further future. As a major innovation project of Shanghai World Expo , "Urban Best Practice Area" showcases the global representative of the city to improve the quality of urban life for a variety of innovative best practices and demonstration value.From Germany, "Hamburg home" to Shanghai, "Shanghai Eco-Home" from Madrid's "innovative pilot public housing estates" to London's "zero-energy housing project," Urban Best Practices Area of Shanghai World Expo in case of nearly 80 cities, showcasing the world's most representative cities to improve the quality of life for the city's various innovative best practices and demonstration value.These practices are not only embodies the science and technology development, but also demonstrated the concept of innovation to bring about new changes in human life.The brilliant innovation, creativity,will open new horizons, create a new future for people's life.


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