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LED lights is not mature, CFL drive market prospects good
2010-11-2 Click to comment

Hopes on the green, LED lighting has become a hot focus of the market, many lighting manufacturers flocked into the room. But LED lights market is not mature, from a global market perspective, CFL stronger growth actively.In recent Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, NXP Semiconductor Lighting senior manager of product marketing Rong Chen said that to make LED into lights is very unflexible, which is equivalent to rely on weaknesses of led itself to replace the traditional LED lighting, so we should use the innovative of LED lighting,rather than put it into lamp, but the market potential is not large, and belong to short-term market,  the most suitable is used to make LED intelligent lighting.The current market CFL driving is out than expected, so NXP believes, CFL market in the future will continue to perform strongly.

Enhance LED light efficiency is the essential  

LED lamp heat dissipation is becoming a focal point.Chen Rong thought, the real effective way is to directly enhance the LED light effect, rather than focusing on improvement in the thermal, it is very effective, and no need to.Because with the process improvement of LED, the light efficiency can be double this and similar semiconductor industry every 20 months as Moore's Law.

For more than 400W high-power lighting solution, this is based on efficiency and cost considerations and the use of harmonic drive to become the consensus of the industry.But in 250W low-power lighting and  t area below, usually a buck and flyback driver form.Buck-driven program, size small, cost high and security poor; meanwhile the flyback is high security, but the large size and high cost.For the U.S, Japan who useing the low-voltage electricity in the countries and regions, because the pressure from 110V to 60V small, so this area are easlily to implement LED lights.In addition, the Japanese government subsidies for LED lights is 50%, next year, LED lights will gradually become the mainstream in Japan.In China and European countries adopt appropriate for a flyback driver, but the LED lights in this performance under input voltage has been difficult.

In addition, in order to reduce the ripple, to extend LED lamp life, the market-driven programs are in place the input or output of electrolytic capacitors.However, the industry was that the performance of electrolytic capacitors will become the bottleneck of LED lighting, semiconductor manufacturers have therefore launched a program of non-electrolytic capacitor.But Chen Rong stressed LED driving are not the bottleneck solution electrolytic capacitors.Just choose good quality electrolytic capacitors and circuit set by such problems can be avoided, and he sees no electrolytic capacitor solutions are not mature enough, there are obvious EMC problems, while non-electrolytic capacitors to pass the standard test program also takes some time consuming .

According to reports, from the end of 10 years in May, NXP shipped 1,000 million SSL2101 driver chips.The SSL2102 in the International Lighting Fair in Las Vegas awards for technical innovation.NXP chip based LED bulbs dimmable there are dozens of manufacturers are doing.In Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, NXP demonstrated a LED light dimming options, and digital dimming schemes, this program uses the old-fashioned analog dimmers, which is aimed at home users do not need to re-decoration, you can LED lights with dimmer.

Rong Chen said, mainland China's LED lights the current market turmoil, we need a shuffling process.

And also in the street, how to locate the relationship between HID and LED lights, it is worth examining.Perspective from the system, HID lights and light effects used in the street is higher than the LED, HID lamps are also more suitable for lighting a higher position, such as stadium lighting.In the automotive headlamps, HID accounted for 20% market share in the future this number will increase, while the LED current is mainly been applied in the automotive taillights.

NXP is focus on the wars in CFL

It is understood, NXP chip front-end lighting manufacturer are in the Netherlands, the back-end packaging and testing are in Suzhou.Following high-quality energy-saving NXP in the 25W lamp driver chips has dominant market share, its shipments of 6 million for the CFL driver chip market, because most of the world production of lighting products in China, of which 4 million are sold in China.Therefore, NXP for the lighting market with a 10 chip design engineers and 10 application development engineers.According to reports, the UBA2211 "Dragon" chip is designed the by Chinese team and developed for the Chinese market .

In general, the lamp life tests is depends on the continuous light can get some time to determine the survival rate. But in practice, 90% of the old energy-saving light bulb life of the product are subject to rapid clearance.The light bulb is about 6,000 times the actual switch is not lit, but the lamp but it is still good, the appearance of dark parts of the filament, but the filament in the switching process is broken because of wear and tear.We know that when the lights in the light electrons from the filament of light, while the filament power to gradually change from light emitting process and continuous loss of atoms.The bright features NXP chip delivers faster, shorten the lamp start time, warm light bulbs can reduce the filament loss.NXP chip, so the application of new energy-saving lamps, switches can support more than 30 million times, making 2-3 times the lamp life expectancy.
In the dimming products, said the driver using the NXP chip, a super energy-saving lamps will be available, the product dimmable to 1%.

The new EU standards by 2013 from 2009, switching frequency of 1 million and 50% of the
6,000 hours of light survival rate, upgrade to 3 million and 70%.Future of the industry speculation that the new national standard should be closer to EU standards, the new EU standards than the reference value.

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