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Opple lighting up the brand of lighting design Business Forum was held in China successfully
2010-11-3 Click to comment

Business is an important part of the urban economy.With the further development of social and cultural level, the commercial trading places is no longer a simple concentration, but also developed into a social activity, spiritual communication, leisure and tourism area. Shopping environment is not only reflected city and cultural qualities and aspects of life, but also formated to be evaluation of a city sign gradually.With the rapid economic development,the decoration and design of shopping environment requirementss have become higher and higher.Throughout the design process, lighting design has great impact on the environment, it is mix architecture, physiology, optics, aesthetics together with expression varied technique, ever-changing, it needs not only the sufficient brightness,but also have strong artistic.

In the increasingly fierce business battle, in order to achieve better the purpose of selling , commercial lighting business has been regarded as an important marketing tool, and act as a vital role in the development of the business, and even has become a major rival as one of the important factors of business competition gains and losses.

Committing in the development of the Op lighting environment, just end the landmark of Shanghai - The Shanghai Grand Theatre shortly before.,and after the ended the" Op ? light ? Space "Cup Office Space Lighting Design Competition, they went to the most economically vibrant city - Wenzhou non-stoply, concerning its focus of Chinese lighting onto the environment of commercial space lighting.

On October 27, 2010,in the Chamber of Wan Howard Johnson Hotel in East Riverside No. 1  in Wenzhou, "Interior Architecture of China" magazine, Popular Science Club Rand designer lighting firms join with the leaders of the Chinese brand - Op lighting, organized the "Op photo 'pretty' brand" China City Commercial Space Lighting Design Summit (Wenzhou Station) activities.

Activities is aimed at improving the commercial space lighting design and applications level,advanced the commercial space lighting designing , strengthening with the brand chain owners and the exchange of products in Wenzhou, and regard this as an opportunity to lead the experience in the economy, create a relaxale and enjoyable For the consumer to experience the importance of building brand culture.

Event attracted more than a hundred people participating enthusiationly,scene activtly.Op lighting distribution projects, director of speech and Mr. Tang Naibin for activities and the guests shared the Op and the latest trends in corporate designers, senior shop for lighting, Man, Mr. Venture How to improve brand awareness and store sales, and guests share a large number of outstanding cases and lighting design of commercial space, and let guests know how to strengthen personal positioning, rendering the brand qualities to guide the customer spending, deepening the shopping experience, and even to create a cultural identity, is the top priority of the overall lighting of commercial space.Commercial space with excellent lighting can help get rid of a single performance art visual image, highlighting the culture of their personality, to attract customer attention and further contributed to the effects of purchase.The basic space lighting store, or each sales area lighting for key commodities, need professional lighting design. Wonderful speech won applause scene. Subsequently, the heavyweight guests - from Hong Kong, Vanuatu, founder of design firm, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Interior Design Association, the Hong Kong Design Centre Director Mr. Pan Hongbin to bring a large number of cases of classic and commercial space shared by each specific case in which a clear design concept and described the use of light and design, to the guests to bring a commercial space designed for gluttonous feast, guests can deeply feel the commercial space with gorgeous lighting, the lights fantastic to show great character design and booth display window, so that different textures and colors in different lighting products showing a distinctive environment of the visual effects.In creating a shopping atmosphere, the commercial space lighting plays an indispensable role. Guests attended the wonderful guest speakers for the tremendous inspiration for the impact of commercial space, has won the praise of guests.

In the final part of the high end of the dialogue, Mr. Pan Hongbin, Mr. Tang Naibin, Mr. Wen chang special guest host three guests - Cool & Poor lighting design, Mr. Kangjing Bin, general manager of commercial space under the guidance of the status and prospects of lighting design, lighting design trend of modern commercial space, how to implement energy-saving design concept to commercial space and commercial space lighting lighting into other aspects of brand choice in-depth research and discussion.The event not only for commercial space, lighting, guests have a new understanding, but also from a practical point of view of lighting fixtures commercial space options have a more comprehensive understanding of the final activities in a relaxed atmosphere in a successful conclusion.

Visual expression of commodities for final decision to shop with a strong appeal.Today's society, the rapid development of urban economy, endless variety of goods, Op lighting will work closely with the Chinese commercial space lighting, commercial lighting, with its increasingly perfect design, leading the new trend of modern visual merchandising!

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