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High power LED lamps and lanterns is first applied in domestic undersea tunnel
2010-11-3 Click to comment

With the undersea tunnel engineering jiaozhou bay ground-launched wiring part tunnel all realization link up, undersea tunnel engineering pavement construction formally entered the bidding process.It is learned, undersea tunnel pavement construction scale of 170,000 square meters.Meanwhile, undersea tunnel internal will adopt high power LED lamps and lanterns lighting, of lamps and lanterns service life can reach 15 years.

Tunnel using new technology road

A few days ago, undersea tunnel Qingdao section connecting engineering of yunnan road with ZhuSui group island 2 ramp smoothly through, marks the jiaozhou bay undersea tunnel engineering ground-launched wiring part tunnel all realization refunctioning.October 31, reporter from city urban construction committee JianGuanJu learns, jiaozhou bay tunnel engineering pavement construction project into the bidding process, engineering address located districts to huang dao segments, pavement construction total size of 170,000 square meters, the estimated cost of 3700 million yuan.Project content including tunnel line, lead and ramp of pavement construction (including logo, reticule, etc.). 

According to the municipal development Co., LTD, concerns chief introduction, tunnel project in laying roadbed, want first laid 24 centimeters thick concrete, again on the shop 12 centimeters thick asphalt.Because the space is narrow tunnel, poor ventilation, paving asphalt mixture generally will discharge into large flue gas, environmental pollution, The traffic accident, asphalt pavement from the burning of smoke difficult to depart, and influence the rescue.Through technology innovation, undersea tunnel pavement temperature will adopt new flame retardant asphalt mixture mixing technology, can dramatically reduce the temperature, realize tunnel construction produces smokeless construction, reduce fire loss.

At the same time, the new "cement road surface layer between asphalt" + structure, still can be in relatively isolated damp environment prevent moisture of infiltration, avoid moisture for interlayer destruction, so as to improve the performance of the tunnel road and prolong service life.With general pavement absorb light material differs character, jiaozhou bay road tunnel will adopt reflective material, will tunnel top light reflection, which is conducive to safety.

Lamps and lanterns USES life can reach 15 years

In addition, undersea tunnel lighting tools also within will adopt domestic top-ranking high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns.According to introducing, undersea tunnel lighting sections need perennial sword-boat about 7,800 meters, include tunnel entrances of strengthening the lighting and middle segment lighting."At present, domestic and international has not been formed by high power LED lighting tunnel of technical specifications." According to project construction units concerned controller introduces, in order to guarantee the quality of the undersea tunnel LED lamps and lanterns, relevant departments in the tender stage as specifically for use of lamps and lanterns tunnel technical indexes, makes a detailed requirements, including LED device requirements choose low thermal resistance, heat dissipation good, low stress encapsulation structure, service life is no less than 3 million hours.But the service life of lamps and lanterns requirements for 15 years, all lamps and lanterns and related parts are provided to meet the domestic first-class level.

According to information, tunnel lamps and lanterns is expected in 2011 February all installation ends.And tunnel in 2011 road work will be completed prior to the end of march, and then concrete part of roadbed will conduct asphalt pavement.this laying project for next year, the undersea tunnel May 1 was formally opened to lay the foundation.

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