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An energy-saving lamps can contaminate 180 tons of water, abandoned energy-saving lamps will become a ecological killer
2010-11-4 Click to comment

Packaging manufacturers warn not to make the relevant departments are not responsible for the recovery ,relative department "pass the buck"

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LED lights also known as compact fluorescent energy saving lamps, energy efficient and is considered its traditional incandescent alternatives.China to promote strategic energy-saving lamps long time, only to government subsidies in the form of Shanghai in Shanghai household energy-saving lamps to more than 22 million.However, studies indicate, the energy-saving lamps on the market today are, in varying degrees Hanyou extremely small amount of mercury, which mercury most likely threat to the environment.So, energy-saving lamp recycling waste who is responsible? At present, the recovery situation?

Energy-saving lamps available on the market model did not discard the packaging that way, nor the "mercury lamp" to make any warning, and only an international brand of energy saving lamps, on the packaging as "recyclable," " Do not trash "and other picture identification.Store clerk said that manufacturers have not heard of recycling services.Press dial "962 300" Shanghai Hotline renewable resources, staff do not accept waste, said energy-saving lamps; Shanghai environmental protection hotline "12369", said the environmental protection department did not participate in activities to promote energy-saving lamps, how to recycle such waste is not clear; The Shanghai Waste Management Department, said the officer, waste disposal is currently no specific energy-saving lamps management.

"Neighborhood began a new round of government financial subsidies for the purchase of energy-saving lamps, issuance of work on energy saving are the majority of residents agree. But I heard energy-saving lamp with mercury, such as improper disposal of waste after, will pollute the water and soil." November 2, Shanghai, a look of helpless members of the public Ms. Cao said, "I asked how the recycling of waste neighborhood cadres, energy saving lamps, all said do not know."

Today, more and more energy-saving lamps because the government's subsidy policy into the ordinary people.However, insiders pointed out.China's energy-saving lamps of waste recycling system is still in the blank, which means to accelerate coverage of hundreds of millions of energy-saving lamps in the completion of energy-saving mission, it may be treated as ordinary municipal solid waste, ecology and become invisible killer.

An energy-saving lamps can contaminate 180 million tons of mercury-containing energy-saving lamps suffer "consequences"

"Replaced incandescent lights to energy saving into every household" - the third consecutive year, 3 years in Shanghai by way of government subsidies to residents to promote energy-saving lamps.It is understood that, in 2007, to encourage the public to use energy-efficient lighting products, relevant departments in Shanghai to develop a double preferential policies to purchase energy-saving lamps that people can not only enjoy 50% of the state financial subsidies, but also enjoy a 20% local subsidies.In other words, the market price of energy-saving lamps in more than ten dollars, only 5 yuan Shanghai residents can take home.Rough statistics, the only form of government subsidies for energy-saving household in Shanghai to more than 22 million lights.

However, another "obscure" issue began to appear along.

Employees of a well-known lighting companies to the "Legal Daily" told reporters: "by the manufacturing process constraints, the current generation of energy-saving lighting products will always contain a little mercury in the number."

It is understood that although the energy-saving advantages as compared with ordinary incandescent lamp is very obvious, but mercury is an undeniable fact.To this end, in the lighting industry, the industry has a standard, each energy-saving lamp mercury content must be controlled to 5 mg or less.

Then, 5 mg of mercury in the end how much? Reporter learned that the volume of the mercury is equivalent to the size of a ballpoint pen tip.At present, the actual energy-saving lamps of a general average of about 0.5 milligrams of mercury, a small number of branded products up to about 0.25 mg.

"Although very little mercury in energy-saving lamps, but a huge number, it still can not be ignored." Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Professor Jiang Da, and told the "Legal Daily" reporters, when 1 mg of mercury into the ground, about 360 tons of water can cause contaminated, thus calculate, a waste energy saving lamps, such as improper disposal, could contaminate 90 tons to 180 tons of water and the surrounding soil.

"Energy-saving lamps containing mercury is not a small problem." Jiang Tai and said.

Songjiang District, Shanghai industrial party vice-chairman Ma Mengen full-time energy-saving lamps are also very concerned about the mercury problem will cause harm.His analysis, mercury and mercury compounds can enter the body through the skin, but the body is excreted very slowly, liver and kidney function, central nervous system and autonomic function will cause irreversible damage.

"Because of the low boiling point of mercury at room temperature to evaporate, the mercury vapor Book respiratory tract into the body's energy-saving lamps discarded broken, make instantaneous concentration of mercury in ambient air exceeded a hundred times." Mameng En said.

Manufacturers of "irresponsible" between environmental protection departments, "pass the buck"

"Since spend energy-saving lamps, the family has changed a dozen, I heard that tube with mercury will pollute the environment, I am not throw, but now there is no local recycling, we do not want to throw that I do not know what to do. "After coming back from the neighborhood, Ms. Cao says a frustrated look.

According to the Shanghai office to promote green lighting source, this year the state subsidies to promote efficient lighting products for the project tender, the recovery ratio of the lamp has been used, with or without recovery equipment and business assessment of whether to adopt clean production requirements included in the tender .Promotion of energy-saving lamps, Shanghai, document, also clearly promote enterprise "to establish waste lamp recycling bins."

However, "Legal Daily" reporter was informed that a total of 10 companies this year as the promotion of energy-saving lamp enterprises in Shanghai, but most companies do not currently have a recycling conditions.

Ms. Cao street belongs to Nanchang, Shanghai Ruijin Second Road neighborhood this year, the government paid subsidies to energy-saving lamps are produced in a Beijing company, 5W, 11W energy-saving lamps are the two specifications of only 3 million, however, the neighborhood cadre told reporters : "This enterprise does not have a waste lamp recycling bins, and has never contacted this neighborhood."

In addition, the reporter in Shanghai, a large supermarket and found a large building materials store, shelves selling energy-saving lamp model though varied, but the packaging did not carry out energy-saving lamps of disposal instructions, nor on the "mercury lamp" to no warning, only one international brand of energy-saving lamps, on the packaging as "recyclable," "Do not trash" and other picture identification. The clerk said that manufacturers have not heard of recycling services.

Manufacturers of "irresponsible", the reporter had to pin their hopes on the relevant environmental protection department, but the same was the "cold shoulder": dial "962 300" Shanghai Hotline renewable resources, staff do not accept waste, said energy-saving lamps; Shanghai environmental protection hotline "12369", said the environmental protection department did not participate in activities to promote energy-saving lamps, how to recycle such waste is not clear; and Waste Management in Shanghai, said the officer, waste disposal is currently no specific energy-saving lamps management.

In this regard, one environmental expert of anonymity, admitted that many people now know that toxic and hazardous waste batteries, can not throw, the district also has a special collection of barrels of waste batteries, but also a potential pollution hazard waste energy-saving lamps tube, there is a huge loophole in the recovery of.

However, while people in the industry that manufacturers to "irresponsible," it is too awkward, "the internal handling of defective goods, environmental protection is relatively easy, but difficult to carry out much larger social recovery, collection, transport, handling high cost. "

Ma Mengen told reporters: "The recycling line of energy-saving lamps cost about 10 million yuan each, a large number of lighting companies generally require two or three processing lines, as recycling the old high cost of energy-saving lamps, and no government subsidies, it is generally manufacturers are not recycling. "

It is understood that the Shanghai area of solid waste disposal center and Jie Shen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai permitted to collect waste fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamp units.However, the two enterprises were mainly responsible for the collection of waste lamps, the lamp has not yet abandoned the family included in the scope of collection management.

Recycling system was constructed to improve the protection of the environment to be "two-pronged"

Access to relevant information, the reporter found, in 2008 promulgated the "National Directory of New list of hazardous waste", the family spent fluorescent tubes may be included in the management of hazardous wastes in accordance with the area,.Ma Mengen told reporters, this means that same energy-saving fluorescent lamps are not given specific sound processing.

Meanwhile, according to Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Waste Management Division is responsible for the special person said that the energy-saving lamps are not designated areas of special waste, therefore, according to the principle of special treatment, did not set up special recycling system energy-saving lamps.

It is understood that in Shanghai this year, "two sessions" during the appeal on behalf of members had a number of relevant measures as soon as possible, as soon as possible to change the status quo.

Ma Mengen Shanghai CPPCC National Committee members as proposed in various communities, neighborhood and special boxes set up collection points; view of the high cost of business recovery, the establishment of designated energy-saving lamps of waste recycling, treatment center, the government is subsidizing; encourage community organizations to actively participate in recycling deal, the government introduced policies to encourage; forced manufacturers to implement recycling, the establishment of mandatory recycling system is imperative.

Wen is the new black, Shanghai People's Congress proposed to actively improve the energy-saving lamp production technology, the development of low mercury or mercury-free energy-saving lamps, to learn advanced technology, the easier the liquid mercury pollution of the environment into solid mercury.

"The ideal situation is led by government departments, to build a community recycling system, so as to effectively focus on energy-saving lamps mercury problem." Energy-saving lamp manufacturer, a leader told the "Legal Daily" reporters, as long recognized energy-saving lamps "Mercury pollution" problem, they have been set up in Jiangsu Province, an experimental base for the recovery, "but after all, just a small base, of waste recycling to energy-saving lamps is very limited."

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