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Lead the new trend of domestic green energy
2010-11-8 Click to comment

Lead the new trend of domestic green energy
Germany Hella Group China green energy products division was established in Shanghai 

July 7, 2010, the German Hella Group in Shanghai's Pudong New International Exhibition Center conference held to celebrate the Hella LED energy-saving environmental protection industry in China Division was established in Shanghai.Attendance at the press conference with German Hella's global Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer Dr. Owen Rich, vice president responsible for Asia Pacific and Mr. Han Bo.China will uphold the German Hella Hella Automotive Lighting made a century tradition, is committed to green energy and low-carbon of the modern lifestyle.

Hella in a number of science and technology leader in the field have maintained the status of, for example, in 2009, Hella, Hella has created the world's first all-LED headlights.LED Lighting exhibition in Shanghai, China this year, cum Hella lighting products innovative green energy conference, will be the Hella LED lighting business world event in a field.Hella LED energy-saving environmental protection industry in China is committed to the Department of green energy innovations such as Hella road (Eco-Streetline) lighting products, LED airport lights, LED interior lighting and other LED lighting series.Hella road lighting innovative green energy can be divided into 4 major product lines, including LED-Square "City" series, LED-Park "Core Park" series, LED-Case "Box" series, and the LED-Module Module.According to product design and application to the scope of Hella LED lighting products will be widely used in residential district, public facilities, parking, business plant, highways and tunnels, and other high requirements for light, the situation is complex lighting solutions, comprehensive programs to reduce energy consumption than traditional lighting up to 70%! In order to achieve the best lighting effects, Hella draw their car headlights lighting intelligent computing technology, to create a unique direct installed in each lens on the LED light emitting devices group, through a flexible combination of the use to meet a variety of complex and achieve precise lighting effects.

Currently, Hella LED road lighting products in Europe have made a great success.Hella LED lamps have been tens of thousands of lights illuminate the many cities in Europe.Hella LED energy-saving environmental protection industry in China Division was established in Shanghai and famous partners will enter into comprehensive in-depth cooperation, and in this area for large-scale investment in a short time in the future to set up a series of wholly-owned, and cooperate in joint ventures and projects.In this regard, Hella Chinese leadership that they have full confidence and grasp of the country to comply with the trend of green energy innovation, relying on excellent local team, in order to achieve the Hella Group global business by leaps and bounds.

Hella LED energy-saving environmental protection industry in China to the Chinese Ministry of consumers, not just a lighting technology, as well as the concept of green energy and create green carbon better tomorrow beliefs.

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