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Master of Arts lights said that stylish, energy saving, practical will lead the 2010 lighting trend
2010-11-8 Click to comment

Recently, the major media in 2010 broke the trend lighting, such as Bandung's practical foreign exchange, technology, decorative three major doctrine, by "Renmin Ribao" concern. The well-known lighting brands head of arts master of light in an interview that the three major trends are still the classic fashion, energy-saving, practical three principles to guide the entire lighting market in 2010.

Zhongshan City Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. focuses its happy home lighting lights arts master brand, has gone through years of sales, with many years of engineering, production and management experience in home lighting.The Master of Arts also adhere to the fashion lamp, energy saving, practical for the design, not only suitable for when high, medium and low consumer demand, while generally suitable for urban lighting monopoly in China the development of second and third grade.Since 2010, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhongshan investment since the third quarter, the country joined the hundreds of businessmen, the artists lamp lighting master franchising, major cities throughout the country, successful brand lighting monopoly chain.

A solo lamp master all over the first three quarters lighting shop sales trend, 2010 fashion, the energy conservation, the practical become lighting consumption of mainstream tendency.Especially in energy conservation, energy subsidies, led by energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps received extensive attention, and practical-type lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and other home lighting, has become the mainstream of holiday sales of home products hot.With the rise of LED lighting, and innovative style of decoration, decorative, energy, utility has become the leading consumer trends.

Lamp lighting brands internationally renowned master of arts Tu Bin, head of an interview, said, crystal lamps, floor lamps and even most of the light source in a few dozen, low power, high energy light source not only become a trend, more directly related to the economy, health of the original , decorated in the same fashion, adhere to the low-power LED light bulbs, not only to avoid the conflict between energy saving and decorative, and adhere to a healthy, energy-saving principles.For example, in table lamps, wall design, we focus on its innovative profile in addition to the structure, should adhere to the principle of energy-saving light source, to the combination of fashion and health.For example, in the renovation process, crystal lamps, children lamps, wall features, beautiful modern home has become a household table lamp lighting, decorative lighting features furniture, various styles of ceiling lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, kitchen lighting is often the home improvement , is set off the entire room style, taste in the CBD; and some high-grade crystal lamps, lighting, energy saving lamps, lighting is a hotel, shopping malls and lighting features.

It is noteworthy that, with the low-carbon economy policy, energy-efficient lighting fixtures for the purpose is unwavering, and with the economic level, decorative, fashionable lighting are widely favored by consumers, so efficient lighting , bound to the rapid development of energy-saving lamps, such as LED lighting, to promote energy-saving lamps. Of course, the lighting is still the pursuit of practical lighting, flashy lights, often only as a decoration.

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