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LED lamps and lanterns is promoting new light source for innovation and has become the third largest home industry
2010-11-8 Click to comment

LED lamps and lanterns is promoting new light source for innovation and has become the third largest home industry

2010 energy-saving lamps to the countryside, makes LED lights, energy saving lamp has improved a lot which was promoted to meet the economic policy of low carbon lighting makes a massive scale energy-efficient lighting, side lighting to promote the development of energy-efficient lighting.Recently Lighting Fair in Guzhen has not only demonstrates a variety of different styles, colors, forms of lighting, but aslo show the LED lamps gorgeous to the world, LED lamps have also been supported though the international, and promote innovation of the process of lighting a new light.

With the rapid development of rural real estate industry, building materials market, bathroom, flooring, wallpaper and lighting stores, building materials, large-scale emergence of the city, home industry has also brust a huge power.2010 under the low-carbon economy, energy and emissions reduction, the real estate industry, although affected by the macro-control, the lighting industry market is still hot, especially for energy-saving lamps, LED lighting is developing rapidly and the momentum is significantly more than in previous years.

In 80s, neither the commercial lighting nor home lighting, crystal lamp has almost become a luxury, just appeared in the very few urban households and hotels, but with the continuous improvement of living standards, furniture, appliances and other high-tech, fashion-based products has continued flock into home decoration, home style has also been set off the wave, decorative, stylish, practical lighting came into being.For example,in lighting capital of China, after ten years development, the expansion has to the crossed to Dongsheng, Jiangmen, radiation, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, in recent years, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places, Lighting & Electrical Factory is also developinged rapidly, lighting market grows fastly,the market characteristics has continue to emerge.

With the continuous development of lighting industry, lighting, lighting accessories, lighting plants, etc. even the whole lighting industry has been diversification, functional, and lighting industry has continuously "flourishing," and the lighting industry as the new home, bound in energy conservation, facing the modern intelligent, driven, service-oriented development, and adapt to contemporary fashion pursuit of a healthy home life.

At present, the ordinary lamps is generally tens to a few thousand dollars.To most consumers it is not only for the daily lighting fixtures,as the lamps stylish, practical it has also been a essential furniture of every family, and as decoration industry rapid development has also become home decoration lighting, energy, intelligence and other concepts also will be revealed.With the rapid development in the lighting industry, the couple lamps, children lamps, decorative lighting has also become a common household  decorative items.The expansion of the consumer market has result the development of lighting market diversification and grows to be the retail supermarket.Following the lighting industry has also emerged as furniture, household appliances, after the third-largest home building materials industry.


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