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DOE unveils Caliper round 11 results, approved SSL testing labs
2010-12-24 Click to comment

DOE unveils Caliper round 11 results, approved SSL testing labs

The US DOE has released summary results from Round 11 of its CALiPER testing program, and has also published a list of ten testing labs added to the NVLAP directory of accredited laboratories for SSL testing. 

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has completed Round 11 of product testing through the DOE Solid-State Lighting (SSL) CALiPER program. A Summary Report containing the results from Round 11 testing can be downloaded from the DOE SSL website.

Round 11 of product testing included five primary focus areas: roadway arm-mount luminaires, roadway post-top luminaires, linear replacement lamps, high-bay luminaires, and small replacement lamps (MR16, PAR lamps, A-lamps, and a candelabra lamp).

As a benchmark, traditional lighting products using incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, high pressure sodium, pulse-start metal halide, and ceramic metal halide light sources were also tested and included in this summary report.

Labs added to NVLAP list

The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) recently accredited 10 laboratories for LM-79 and/or LM-80 testing and added them to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) directory.

NVLAP provides third-party accreditation to testing and calibration laboratories and accepts applications for solid-state lighting (SSL) test methods as part of the Energy Efficient Lighting Products laboratory accreditation program.

DOE's CALiPER program testing is conducted by qualified, verified, and contracted independent testing laboratories and recognizes laboratories that obtain NVLAP accreditation for SSL testing.

The following labs are accredited for LM-79:

1.Aurora International Testing Laboratory – Ohio (partial LM-79)

2.Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. – California (complete LM-79)

3.Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. – China (partial LM-79)

4.Centre Testing International – China (partial LM-79)

5.GE Nela Park, Product Testing – Ohio (partial LM-79)

6.Osram Sylvania, Metrology & Analytics Services – Massachusetts (complete LM-79)

7.Philips Lighting Corporate Regulatory and Certification Lab – Kansas (complete LM-79)

The following labs are accredited for LM-80 (complete):

1.Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. – California

2.Centre Testing International – China

3.Osram Sylvania, Metrology & Analytics Services – Massachusetts

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