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Subaru Shows the Way to 3D LED Display at New York Auto Show 2011
2011-5-30 Click to comment

Subaru of America, Inc. marked another significant event in the history of Automobile and Live Production industry by launching its all-new fourth-generation 2012 Impreza® models in 3D.

The glitz and glamour were centered in the middle of Manhattan at the Jacob Javits Center from April 22nd to May 1st 2011 at New York Auto Show, the last car show of the season. This year, not only did most of the Automobile Companies emphasized themselves as Eco-lovers, but they also aimed to spotlight and visualize their products in as in-depth a way as possible.

With experiencing visual reality in mind, Subaru of America Inc has highlighted their name as an extremely innovative Automobile manufacturer, displaying their Subaru 2012 Impreza® in 3D, using 3D R4 LED Display as the medium. This is the very first time that 3D LED Display technology has been customized for automotive events, in this case specifically for the company’s media conference. During the show, members of the international automotive media went along for the ride with 3D glasses, to watch a video presentation demonstrating the diverse, active lifestyles of Subaru owners, who are heralded as the most active consumers in the automobile market.

Earlier this year, Creative Technology introduced 3D R4 LED Display to their clients, with impressive results.

Subaru of America Inc. agreed to create a 3D show using 3D R4 display panels from JM Rental for the New York Auto Show. More than seven minutes of 3D presentation ran during the Subaru media conference, and really caught the attention of the media and automotive attendees, a testament to the quality of JM Rental Limited’s 3D R4 panels, which are currently the best 3D display medium on the market.

At 11 x 8 panels (7.04 m wide x 3.84 m high), JM Rental’s 3D R4 Display delivered brilliant 3D images with wide viewing angles, vivid color uniformity and excellent contrast levels. This state-of-the-art 3D display uses Circular Polarization Technology and is ideal for exhibitions and other high ambient light environments. The panels feature a custom-designed polarizing filter applied to the front surface of each LED module, which benefits the user as it can be viewed by using cost-effective 3D glasses.

“This is a challenging step in the Audio-Visual production industry,” says Kenneth Yip, Managing Director of JM Rental. “This show is a very important launch pad. As you can see, this is not just only a car show trend-setter. It also indicates that there is still a lot of room left for 3D creative concepts. I believe we will see bright and interesting future for our 3D R4 LED Display.

“Undoubtedly 3D LED Display works well with at events without any lighting concerns, unlike 3D projection, which people in the industry were afraid to apply to their shows in the early days. Thanks to CT US who introduced the 3D Display to their clients and allowed us to show how far our 3D LED Display can go, which has proved to be beyond their expectations. I’m positive that 3D LED Display will be the next best answer for the event production industry. “

About JM Rental
JM Rental is one of the largest LED display rental companies worldwide. Over the years, the company has established a team of visual professionals that can manage projects of any scale, and a network of global rental partners to support thousands of events and exhibitions around the world.
Perfecting Vision is JM’s core mission. The company distinguishes itself with its inventory of renowned and reliable LED screens that deliver state-of-the-art visual excellence, together with a range of professional services which includes lighting effects, managing and directing audio-visual synchronization technology, to create sparkles for any events.

About Creative Technology
Creative Technology is a leading international supplier of specialist Audio Visual equipment to the live events, broadcast and entertainment industries. A global reputation for unparalleled levels of customer service comes from its innovative application of the latest technology alongside the very best technical and operational personnel.
Formed in London more than 20 years ago, the company has grown considerably with office locations now in the UK, USA, Germany, Dubai and China.

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