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GE Lighting takes LED Lighting to new heights
2011-6-13 Click to comment

GE Lighting takes LED Lighting to new heights
Unveils GE Energy Smart LED A19 General Purpose Bulb
- Omni-Directional Lighting and GE EvolveTM Module Roadway R250

GUANGZHOU, CHINA [9 June 2011] – GE Lighting today unveiled two new LED innovations - The GE Energy Smart LED A19 General Purpose Bulb - Omni-Directional Lighting and the GE EvolveTM Module Roadway R250 - at the 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The GE Energy Smart LED A19 General Purpose Bulb is set to be an excellent replacement for a standard 40W incandescent product while the GE EvolveTM Module Roadway R250 is a premium module design offering a complete roadway lighting platform.

Mr. Mohamed Butt, President and CEO of GE Lighting Asia notes, “Throughout our 100-year history, GE Lighting has been committed to extending the life of lamps, increasing overall lighting efficiency and reducing energy consumption. As a leader offering energy-saving lighting solutions, GE LED Lighting offers a wide range of world-class, environmentally responsible LED solutions and systems for the past decade. Today the two new LED products we bring at this show are emblematic of the imagination and innovation that GE’s pursuit to help customers become more productive and profitable through LED technology advances that lower the cost of light. Also for household consumers who have been reluctant to move away from less efficient incandescent bulbs because they love the light quality, this new GE Energy Smart LED bulb will address that lighting preference head-on and give consumers yet another option to light their homes and businesses.”

GE Energy Smart LED A19 General Purpose Bulb - Omni-Directional Lighting

The bulb is the latest addition to GE Lighting’s portfolio of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Consuming just 9 watts, the new LED bulb is expected to achieve a 77 percent energy savings while producing nearly the same light output as a 40-watt incandescent bulb. The new LED bulb provides a soft white light (3,000K) and 471 lumens, a light-output measurement that makes it an excellent 40-watt incandescent replacement. Based on three hours of usage per day, the bulb is rated to last over 22 years, or more than 25 times as long as a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

The new bulb has a unique fin-like design, allowing it to direct light downward on the intended surface and all around, not just out of the top of the lampshade. The fins surrounding the bulb help to keep it cool by drawing out heat, and this keeps the bulb’s surface cooler to the touch. 

Given its cutting-edge specifications, the new GE Energy Smart LED A19 General Purpose Bulb - will be ideal for providing accent lighting for the interiors of hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

The new bulb is expected to launch to all Asia markets in June, except for Korea and Thailand, which will be 3-6 month lag against others due to the in country test requirement

GE Evolve ModuleTM Roadway R250

The GE EvolveTM Module RoadwayR250 is a premium module design which offers a complete roadway vertical lighting platform. The module provides easy scalability from 39W to 237W using a one to four module construction. Offering a complete lumen package from 2,600lm to 17,800lm, the system provides uniform light levels that will enhance security camera surveillance and reduce light power density enabling energy saving on the road.

The GE EvolveTM Module Roadway R250 system utilizes High Brightness LEDs and has a rated system life of 50,000 hours@ L80. The system will be a choice lighting solution for highways and parkways; residential areas and pedestrian walkways, as well as commercial areas and industrial complexes. It has been launched in China in the early of the year and rest of Asia country in May, except Taiwan and Japan due to the voltage. Korea and Thailand in Aug plan due to the in country test requirement.

At the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition which is held from 9-12 June 2011, GE Lighting showcased a comprehensive portfolio of vertical lighting solutions, in addition to the launch of the two new products.

GE Lighting presented its state-of-the-art lighting solutions at the exhibition in a booth which was designed to provide visitors with an experiential journey. Visitors walk through a meandering roadway through sections that resemble a retail shop, supermarket, hotel, café, office and industrial areas. In addition, there will several seminars held during the exhibition to introduce GE Lighting’s solutions and best practices in key vertical segments.

About GE Lighting

Throughout our 100-year history, GE Lighting has been committed to extending the life of lamps, increasing overall lighting efficiency and reducing energy consumption. We achieve this through our innovation, spirit and unremitting efforts that we inherited from our founder, Thomas Edison. GE Lighting divides its business into three areas, Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), Lamps and Fixtures. Combining a professional background with our market leadership in Lighting, LED has emphasis on providing a complete set of world leading LED systems and solutions that focus on environmental sustainability. Our range of LED lighting systems includes signage, architectural lighting, transportation lighting, displaying lighting and general lighting. Our lamp business covers the complete range of lamp varieties including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge, automotive and specialty lighting. GE Specialty lighting manufactures products for the aircraft and transportation industries along with projector lamps which satisfy front, rear and video projection, medical, architectural, fibre optic, stage & studio, entertainment and theatre lighting. The business also covers a wide range of lighting systems, including commercial lighting, industrial lighting, roadway and tunnel lighting, flood lighting, area lighting and ballasts. All of our lighting products are in accordance with Six Sigma control insuring that GE's lighting products are of the highest quality standards offering unlimited lighting and enjoyment.

For further information, please contact:
Dai Bin
Brand & Media Coordinator
DID:8621 – 3877 3569  
Mobile:86 – 138 1752 9025


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