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Fairchild Semiconductor Offers Designers a Total Solution Portfolio for Low-, Mid- and High-Power LED Lighting Applications
2011-7-13 Click to comment

With the increasing popularity of LED lighting applications, designers face challenges ranging from design complexity and the need for high system efficiency to limited PCB space and the management of multiple vendors to meet all of their design requirements.

To address these challenges, Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS), a leading global supplier of high performance power and mobile products, offers a broad portfolio of LED lighting solutions for low-, mid- and high-power lighting applications.

Fairchild’s solutions feature integrated components in a single IC, using highly efficient and effective technologies for power ranges that are 1W and above. Fairchild offers multiple topologies, which provide energy efficient solutions for low-, mid- and high-power lighting applications. These topologies provide high power factor and low total harmonic distortion, enabling extended system life and reduced lifetime cost while meeting global energy regulations.

The high degree of integration provided by these LED lighting solutions meet designers’ critical board-space requirements, simplify design and reduce the overall bill of material (BOM).

Designers work with lighting applications in areas such as down lights, L-lights, flat light, street lights, industrial lighting, stage lighting, wall washing and signage; the broad portfolio of products offered by Fairchild supports all lighting applications. This offering allows designers to simplify supply chain complexity by reducing the number of vendors required.

Leveraging core expertise in lighting and power management, Fairchild’s multiple topologies for LED lighting applications include Primary Side Regulating (PSR) flyback, single-stage Power Factor Correction (PFC) flyback, PFC + Quasi-Resonant (QR) flyback and LLC half-bridge solutions.

PSR flyback solutions target LED lighting applications that are <20W: In these designs, small lamp size is critical and cost pressure is high. To address this, Fairchild’s PSR technology provides TRUECURRENT™ technology and distinct IP for leading-edge CV/CC performance in a multi-chip package option (7SOP/DIP) with the MOSFET included (1A/700V VDMOS ). A PSR controller using an external MOSFET is also available. By using PSR flyback solutions for LED lamps from ~5W to ~20W, designers can achieve high power efficiency (over 80 percent improvement from current methodologies) and eliminate the need for secondary feedback circuits, lowering bill of material costs, simplifying the design and saving PCB space.

Fairchild’s single-stage PFC flyback for 20~50W applications: These lighting applications require high power factor in a limited space, plus higher efficiency and reliability than traditional solutions provide.

Fairchild provides a CRM PFC PWM controller for single-stage flyback, ideal for 10~50W LED down lights and 20~50W LED L-lights, that provide high efficiency by offering high power factor and low THD performance without adding components thus lowering the BOM count. Additionally, no bulk capacitor is needed, which further extends the system lifetime.

PFC + QR Flyback Technology for <100W applications: Designers are faced with standard solutions that result in high BOM counts, high cost and low system efficiency. To address this, Fairchild provides a QR flyback solution that provides high system efficiency and high reliability, and with the CRM PFC front-end resulting in high power factor and low THD. Through integration, this technology reduces BOM count, provides cost and space savings, thus allowing designers to achieve a small size application design. The PFC + QR flyback technology is well suited for applications such as flat lights, LED street lights, industrial lighting, stage lights, wall washing and signage.

In order to simplify LED luminary design, Fairchild LED solutions reduce extra parts to save space and provide high reliability, enhance efficiency, and reduce lifetime cost for end use. Additionally, Fairchild provides the system expertise and design tools needed to help designers get their LED IC-based products to market faster.

LLC half-bridge solutions for <400W: These applications routinely have high BOM counts, high cost and low system efficiency and reliability, as well as design complexity. To address these application challenges, Fairchild’s LLC half-bridge solution is an integrated solution with three chips in one package. The solution features internal MOSFETs with fast recovery body diode (trr=120ns), with the high side gate driver included. The solution offers up to 300kHz operating frequency and pulse skipping for frequency limiting under light load conditions. The LLC half-bridge solution provides high system efficiency, high reliability as well as reducing BOM cost and simplified design. It is ideal for LED street lighting, industrial lighting, stage lights, wall washing and signage.

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