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LED Holiday Lighting Expands LED Christmas Lighting Line for Holiday Season
2011-11-2 Click to comment

  LED Holiday Lighting, premier online LED Christmas lighting retailer, is pleased to announce the expansion of their LED lighting product line with launch of their newly redesigned and completely restructured website. LED Holiday Lighting website is now easier to navigate and provides customers with more quality LED lighting products to choose from just in time for Christmas shopping.

  The updated product line features premium and commercial grade LED lighting products along with an array of NEW! LED decorative light products you won’t find anywhere else from LED cherry blossom trees to pre-lit wreaths and garland.

  From the common reds, blues, and greens to the rare purples, pinks, and whites, from the regular M5 LED lights to the hard to find G12 LED lights, LED Holiday Lighting has the most popular LED colors and bulb styles IN STOCK and ready to ship in time for the holidays.

  The LED Holiday Lighting product line expansion features LED twinkle lights, LED icicle lights, net and trunk wraps, cherry blossom strands, chasing rain curtains, cascading tube lights, LED white wire lights, Color-Rite strands, dimmable LED retrofit bulbs, color morphing / changing LED strands and bulbs, pre-lit greenery, bulb socket wire for retrofit bulbs, and star explosion laser lights.

  LED Twinkle Lights

  LED twinkle lights are a great way to add a little sparkle to any holiday. LED twinkle lights provide an easy solution to adding animation to your Christmas tree. LED Holiday Lighting has twinkle lights available in various bulb styles and LED colors.

  LED Icicle Lights

  LED icicle lights are a great way to light up your roofline this holiday season. LED Holiday Lighting has a complete line of LED icicle lights available in a large variety of bulb colors and wire color options.

  Net and Trunk Wraps

  LED net and trunk wrap lights are a quick and easy Christmas light decorating solution delivering even light spacing every time. LED Holiday Lighting has net and trunk wrap lights in a rainbow of colors in stock and ready to ship.

  LED Cherry Blossom Strands

  LED cherry blossom strands add a flourishing twist on the normal LED Christmas lighting. LED Holiday Lighting has LED cherry blossom strands in white, pink and red in stock and ready to ship.

  LED Chasing Rain Curtain

  The LED Rain Curtain was designed for the creative commercial decorator. LED Rain Curtains can be hung in a window or on a focal point wall, from a balcony, on a theater stage, or in an entry way. LED Rain Curtains are the perfect addition to your holiday lighting.

  LED Cascading Tube Lights

  LED Holiday Lighting brings you one of the brightest, most dramatic advancement in LED lighting to date! LED light tube light products can be viewed from all sides as they cascade and flow down their tubes, setting your Christmas trees and rooflines aglow! LED Holiday Lighting offers different sized tubes with varying drop speeds to ensure these lights look their best when lit together.

  LED White Wire Lights

  LED Holiday Lighting product expansion includes LED white wire lights available in every LED bulb color. From M5 warm white LED lights on white wire to 5mm multi colored LED lights on white wire, LED Holiday Lighting has all your favorite colors and bulb shape LED Christmas lights on white wire in stock and ready to ship in time for the holidays.

  Color-Rite Strands

  LED Holiday Lighting has a great all-new innovation from the world of LED lighting this year: 3 Piece LED lights. Color-Rite LED lights allow you to interchange bulb colors and create your own custom light strands.

  Dimmable LED Retrofit Bulbs

  LED Retrofit Christmas lighting enables the user to dim or increase the bulb’s brightness, making the LED Retrofit lights ideal for literally any mood, season or application. These retrofit bulbs are compatible with any animation controllers with dimming sequences. LED Holiday Lighting offers dimmable LED retrofit bulbs in 6 difference bulb shapes and multiple colors and styles.

  Color Morphing / Changing LED Strands and Bulbs

  LED Holiday Lighting’s product line features LED Colorwave strands which seamlessly morph from one color to the next. From red to blue color changing lights to red to green color morphing lights, LED Holiday Lighting has a complete line of ColorWave LED Lights.

  LED Pre-lit Greenery

  LED Holiday Lighting offers a full line of LED pre-lit greenery from wreaths to garland for a quick and easy Christmas decoration solution. LED Holiday Lighting has a complete line of warm white LED pre-lit greenery available in various sizes.

  Star Explosion Laser Lights

  LED Holiday Lighting offers Star Explosion laser lights, ideal for the Holiday Season. It is easy to use - just plug it in and point it - and watch it project a static star field of pin-points of light onto your outdoor Christmas trees, house or yard.

  Dedicated to providing high quality LED Christmas lighting at competitive pricing, LED Holiday Lighting continues to expand their product line and improve the online shopping experience to meet and exceed customer expectations. The newly redesigned LED Holiday Lighting website’s restructured navigation system and product categorization provide customers with a quick and easy, user friendly online shopping experience. Visit the new LED Holiday Lighting website and browse thousands of new LED Christmas light options at affordable, competitive prices.


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