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Genesis Photonics Sets up Its Mind to be “ MediaTek Inc.” of Taiwan’s LED Industry
2011-11-29 Click to comment

  Recently, Genesis Photonics Chairman K.J. Chong has declared his ambitious goal on creating his company as “ MediaTek Inc.” of Taiwan’s LED industry.

  The company has fought for its goal of becoming No.1 supplier of innards of LED lamps in a single package as MediaTek being the No.1 supplier of mobile phone chipsets.

  According to Chong , his company will help Taiwan’s LED-lighting manufacturers introduce high price/performance ratio products with its light engines to compete with global lighting heavyweights such as Philips, Osram and General Electric.

  Genesis has begun supplying the engines, which are completed with LED chip, phosphor coating, flip-chip substrate board and thermal substrate, in the fourth quarter of 2011 to LED-lighting manufacturers.

  Chong said the company has won patents on the four elements of the engine, freeing users from threats of patent lawsuits. With the universal engines, lighting manufacturers can introduce their products quicker and at lower costs than their competitors.

  Additionally, the company has opened an LED lighting venture to promote its branded lighting products for project and commercial purposes in Taiwan. In mainland China, it is working with several retailers to market its products.

  Chong noted that as Osram, Philips and GE have only controlled a combined 30% of global lighting market his company sill has an ample room to win a larger slice of the LED lighting market by working with brand-name luminaire manufacturers, a strategy similar to the one that has led to MediaTek’s success in becoming mainland China’s No.1 supplier of mobile phone chipsets.

  Meanwhile, the company has just started to enter South Korea and Japan market. And it is also tapping into Turkey and Russia.

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