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New Glasgow Makes LED Conversion For Energy Saving
2011-11-29 Click to comment

  New Glasgow is to replace the current high-pressure sodium lights in street with LED lights in the coming weeks.

  In the spring the NDP government introduced legislation making LED lighting mandatory for roads and highways. Municipalities have five years to complete the conversion.

  Town CAO Lisa MacDonald said the town is proceeding with the conversion at this time, as there is financing available for the project.

  Last year New Glasgow converted 59 of its street lights in a trial and found they produced a higher level of lighting. Once converted, the change is expected to reduce energy consumption by 287 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

  While New Glasgow proceeds with its conversion to LED lighting, other municipalities are still researching their options.

  Westville CAO Scott Fraser said a study was conducted last year to see if it is cost-effective to have the lights converted and found that LED lighting would save the town money. Trenton, Pictou and the municipality of Pictou are all looking at conversion plans.

  New Glasgow has close to 1,200 street lights to convert. They have contracted G.J. Cahill and Company to install the lights. The project will cost approximately $820,000 with the town receiving $120,000 from Efficiency Nova Scotia. MacDonald said the project will see a return on their investment in six years.

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