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Amerlux Introduces SmartSite State of the Art LED Street Lighting and Network Control System
2011-12-27 Click to comment

  Amerlux has introduced SmartSite™, SmartSite™, powered by Intellistreets and network control system which integrates LED lighting technology.

  SmartSite is a 24/7 area-wide system that offers architectural luminaire styles, a robust platform, digital wireless solutions, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a myriad of homeland security features.

  It also offers multimedia solutions that can upgrade an existing infrastructure to provide information, advertising, security and entertainment for public spaces with streetlights that automatically adjust the lighting to illuminate the area with the specific amount of light needed.

  The digital display banners, and synchronized sound from integrated speakers on each “Smart” light pole, will provide a seamless audience experience as well as generate a measurable revenue stream.

  SmartSite utilizes the area’s existing power supply and can simply replace the existing streetlights with a fully featured system with energy efficient LEDs that save money and maintenance. Existing metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures can be replaced in just minutes, with LED luminaires that can for years, with options on the pole to make it “Smart.”

  Designed with an LED module and a patented built-in speaker, each streetlight features a unique duo-band radio system and miniature computer with data storage capacity. Streetlight processors communicate with each other through a wireless mesh network and monitor individual luminaire usage, energy costs, grid power and system integrity. If a fixture is experiencing a problem, the other streetlights will continue to operate according to programming.

  According to the company, “SmartSite breathes life back into downtown cities and main street villages with an intelligent and comprehensive lighting and media based wireless network. A multitude of opportunities are available to generate business while reducing energy costs for your organization and community.”

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