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Shenzhen Spark Wins the Central Government Budget Investment in LED Industry Project
2011-12-27 Click to comment

  Lately, Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd has won the "semiconductor lighting technology and energy efficient products industry project" supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, which was included into the 2011 central budget investment plans.

  The supported projects from the central budget for investment in energy-saving plans mainly focus on engineering, circular economy and resource conservation demonstration projects and a major focus of industrial pollution control projects.

  The commitment "semiconductor lighting technology and energy efficient products industry projects" by Spark has played an active industrial role on the promotion of energy efficient products and LED-scale production, and expanding the application of energy-efficient LED lighting products and energy conservation.

  The project content is constructing for the LED lighting products industry production and R & D bases, involving R & D and manufacturing LED lighting products, building a modern anti-static dust-free workshops, R & D centers, optical laboratory and automated production lines, etc.

  After completion of the project, an annual production scale for street lamps, tunnel lamps, fluorescent lamps, traffic lights will reach 1 million units. The production capacity, R & D, industries supporting is ranking in the forefront of the industry.

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