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The Controversy on New Light Bulbs Rules
2011-12-28 Click to comment

  As new year is dawning near, the new law on phasing out the 100-watt bulbs is to take effect, however, some Southwest Floridians prefer the incandescent bulbs.

  A law passed in 2007 says manufacturers must phase out the 100-watt bulbs in 2012, or make them much more energy-efficient. The government would like people to use the compact flourescent lights, CFL's, or LEDs.

  Different people have different opinions. According to Jack Lurie of Tropical Hardware in Fort Myers, "They see light bulbs as an investment. They just want to screw in a bulb and they want light." He said people are stock-piling the old incandescents, for fear of not being able to buy them in the future.

  "I don't like it one bit. If they have a new product, then put it out there and let us decide whether to buy it. But don't tell us, you have to do this. That is government intrusion," said Patty Eppler of Fort Myers. "I prefer the incandescents and I will stay with them as long as I can."

  Donna Croddy of Lee Lighting told WINK News: it is time for a change to a better technology than incandescents. "That is a 135-year-old technology. It's time. God bless Thomas Edison, but it's time."

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