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¡ñ  Publications of CIE/JCIE  (2012-2-10)
¡¡ 18th,2012,The Lighting Japan 2012 Exhibition has been held in Big Sight (Tokyo),Japan.This exhitbiton was mainly deal with LED/OLED line.Many viewer of lighting industry has coming aroud to took part in this grand gathtering.
¡ñ  Golden Finger--Chinese Excellent Professional Lighting Designers Award and Best Brand Supplier Annual Rateing Contest of 2011  (2011-8-23)
¡¡¡¡Golden Figuer is the first comprehensive rateing selction of lighting area. This award has involve all the lighting industry in,and will surely cost the great attention of this trade as its large sclare,hight standard.Let us join hands,work together and step into a new lighti...
¡ñ  National Vocational Qualification of Lighting Designer  (2011-8-23)
With the advancement of urbanization and the improvement of the living environment, the lighting industry has developed a lot.For lighting environment designing,we were not only satisfied with space,but aslo emphasizing the harmonious of light and outside environment.According to...
¡ñ  Debate on application of Chinese Interior Lighting  (2011-8-23)
LED indoor ligthing was facing with high cost,uncertainty performance and many other problems.Then,how is application of LED indoor lighting ? What is future?
¡ñ  Lamp Holders  (2011-5-6)
Halogen lamps normally operate at temperatures ranging between 250C and 350C. Consequently, depending on lamp burning position, Halogen Lamp Holders are sometimes subjected to temperatures of 200C. Special holders are necessary to endure these elevated temperatures.
¡ñ  Halogen Illuminators  (2011-5-6)
MR1100 and MR1600 Halogen Illuminators are cast aluminum lighting fixtures designed for O.E.M. applications. Standard finish color is powder coat black. Other colors can be considered for O.E.M. quantity orders. MR1100 Halogen Illuminator will accept MR11 lamps with GZ4 base conf...
¡ñ  Focused Lens-End Lamps  (2011-5-6)
The addition of a Lens- End to a technical lamp is an important development in miniature lamps as it allows the use of lower wattage lamps while maintaining light output. The lens gathers light resulting in an intensity increase of up to 10 times at the end of the lamp, compared ...
¡ñ  Neon Lamps¡ª filed under: applications, lamp, lamps, neon  (2011-4-28)
Neon lamps are recommended for 110 volt AC, 220 volt AC, and DC applications in excess of 90 volts. The lamps are available in miniature and subminiature sizes.
¡ñ  Standard Miniature Lamps  (2011-4-22)
Standard Miniature Lamps ¡ª filed under: miniature, lamp, lamps, standard miniature
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