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Debate on application of Chinese Interior Lighting
2011-8-23 Click to comment

  Debate on application of chinese interior lighting

  Host :Offical website of CIES LightingChina.com

  Time:Nov.29th ,2011

  Site: Guangzhou,China.

  Scale:300-400 people

  Theme: Is LED lamps and lanterns suitable for indoor lighting ?

  Purpose: Discusse the LED indoor lighting application of the status,find the solution.


  Thanks for the Low Carbon Economy towarding , Energy conservation and environmental protection has becoming the most of the development of times a trend, LED has been involve in national National 1025 key support promotion project, these has cost a great promoting function on LED industry.

  LED indoor lighting has been walked a long road since it been applied,And with modern commercial developing,LED has been applied in more and more industry,indoor lighting has been a great part of future lighting industry.

  Theres great amount enterprise has investing this line,but at the same time, LED indoor ligthing was facing with high cost,uncertainty performance and many other problems.Then,how is application of LED indoor lighting ? What is future?


  600/Person (Include:meals and materials ,room charge arranged by the conference,but paied by guests.)

  Free charge:Representative of Designing institute,Lighting Design Engineering Company,Interior Decoration Engineering Company.

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