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National Vocational Qualification of Lighting Designer
2011-8-23 Click to comment

  National Vocational Qualification of Lighting Designer

  With the advancement of urbanization and the improvement of the living environment, the lighting industry has developed a lot.For lighting environment designing,we were not only satisfied with space,but aslo emphasizing the harmonious of light and outside environment.According to national vocational qualification standard, CIE decide to hold National Vocational Qualification of Lighting Designer training course which carried out by LightingChina.



  Time:Aug 29th-Sep 30th ,2011

  Fee:RMB 700/person

  Site: Guangzhou South China Agricultural University

· Publications of CIE/JCIE (12/02/10)
· Golden Finger--Chinese Excellent Professional Lighting Designers Award and Best Brand Supplier Annual Rateing Contest of 2011 (11/08/23)
· Debate on application of Chinese Interior Lighting (11/08/23)
· Lamp Holders (11/05/06)
· Halogen Illuminators (11/05/06)

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