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2012-2-10 Click to comment
   18th,2012,The Lighting Japan 2012 Exhibition has been held in Big Sight (Tokyo),Japan.This exhitbiton was mainly deal with LED/OLED line.Many viewer of lighting industry has coming aroud to took part in this grand gathtering.

  LightingChina has also invited to be part of this gathering as a most profession broadcasting media of Chinese lighting industry.LightingChina has built a great bright which links China and Japan,even the whole world,as lots of market tendency informations and live site news reports has been published and delivered.

  Below is the list of publications of CIE/JCIE, check the link and get what you interested with member price:


· Golden Finger--Chinese Excellent Professional Lighting Designers Award and Best Brand Supplier Annual Rateing Contest of 2011 (11/08/23)
· National Vocational Qualification of Lighting Designer (11/08/23)
· Debate on application of Chinese Interior Lighting (11/08/23)

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