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2014-6-13 11:02:09 
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+ This is a variable-angle fog machine and the range of the variable-angle covers about 180 degree.Loose the bilateral knobs and adjust the knobs to the requisite angle then it will be fine to tighten the knobs again Moreover,this kind of machine has been acquired the technology and appearance patent of Eurapean Union and the United States.
+ You may put this machine up or hang it highly then adjust its angle to spray fog.The machine has been employed the immediate-stop patent technology that can prevent fog spraying immediately.IN addition,several machines can be used in parallel and spray more pillaring , which effects are similar to the carbon dioxide of stage.
+ When you need more strong spray and sound, please turn on Turbo temperature Select Switch, and then the fog will be sprayed more intensely.Please be sure to turn off this switch in normal time .

Technology parameter:
Power:100V-120V/220V-240V 50-60HZ
Fuse:230V/8A 110V/15A
First heat up time: 8min
Control mode:remote control,manual control,DMX-512 signal control.
Tank capacity: 5L
Packing size:642*375*315mm.  
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