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Integrating Sphere
Sphere size: 0.3m,0.5m,1.0m,2.0m,2.5m,3.0m(optional) Integrating Sphere Geometry: ★4π: Lamp is mounted in the center of sphere ★...
Thermostatic Sphere
It is specially designed for accurate measurement of power LED devices, modules and lamps. There are three methods to control the tem...
Rotating Sphere
Rotating sphere is designed base on the request that the common sphere cannot measure in the actual installation of the lamps. The t...
Special Sphere for T5/T8 LED tube
Patent invented integrating sphere for luminous flux and spectral distribution measurement special of T5/T8 LED tube.LED tube is burn-in on a test pol...
SL-300 Spectroradiometer
1)SL-300 Spectroradiometer To determine the spectroradiometric and colorimetric parameters by spectroradiometry method according to CIE NO.63, e.g...
SPR-3000 Quick-scan Spectroradiometer
It is composed of C-T monochromator with grating dispersion, servo motor for high speed wavelength position, and high sensitive PMT. It could be widel...
SPR-5000 UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer
UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer According to the requirements of CIE No.63, double dispersion with three monochromotor and eight filters, four channels...
SCD-300 CCD Spectroradiometer
With extraordinary high sensitivity and resolution detector which is 2048 unit CCD array, to determine the colorimetric parameters, such as chroma...


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