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JDD Double Envelope Halogen GLS/ER Series
GLS/ER has the benefit of low wattage & higher light efficacy, producing less heat radiation. It is a more environmental friendly light source. Speci...
Low –wattage Metal Halide Lamps [MR16 BaseGU10] Se
Lamp type MHL35/MR16 Base Gu10 Watts(W) 35W Rated Voltage(V) 120V,230V,240V Color Temperatu...
Lamps Base G12 Series
Lamp type MHL35/G12 MHL35/G12 MHL70/G12 MHL70/G12 Watts(W) 35W 35W 70W 70W Rated Voltage(V) 120V,230V,240V 120V,230V,240V 120V,230V,240V 120V,230V,2...
Low-wattage high intensity discharge with PAR refl
Special features 1. High light output Highly light efficacy, saving energy and maintenance costs! It can be a direct replacement of traditional halo...


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