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2012-11-19 13:05:16 
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Patent invented integrating sphere for luminous flux and spectral distribution measurement special of T5/T8 LED tube.LED tube is burn-in on a test pole. While doing test, the test pole is directly pushed into the sphere from a special port of the sphere without operation of opening sphere.

The uninterruptible power measurement could be achieved for batching testing. It increases more than 5 times efficiency for tube lamp measurement. The interfaces for typical sphere are reserved.

¡ô Special designed rail and pull-in device for quick automatic positioning to ensure the fixed measurement position of sample tube in the sphere
¡ô The test pole can be rotated and positioned. The luminous surface of test tube can be installed in different direction for all kinds of measurement requests.

¡ôDiameter: ¦µ1.5m~2.0m(Customized)
¡ôRotating range of test pole:0~360¡ã
¡ôGeometry: 4¦Ð
¡ôLED Tube: Weight:¡Ü10kg,Lenth¡Ü1.5m
¡ôEquipped with auxiliary lamp for absorb calibration
¡ôReserved laser device for alignment.  
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