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  Zhenjiang Jiniang Lighting Electric Equipment Co., Ltd is situated in Jianbi Industrial Zone of Zhenjiang City. Jiangsu Province Both the highway and railway between Shanghai and Nanjing just pass through this area, It takes only about 40 minutes to reach the airports of Nanjing and Changzhou and only two and half hours by highway to reach Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Jianbi is also very close to the intersection of Yangzi River and Jiang Hang(Beijing-Hangzhou) Grand Canal. It is only ten kilometers away from Dagang Port--a very good port of Yangzi river for heavy vessels of more than 10 kilotons. Obviously the situation of Jinxiang is beneficial for business development.

  The number of staff and workers of Zhenjiang Co., Ltd is 410,among whom 60 persons graduated from universities. The occupied area of Jinxing is 30,000 square meters and covered are in 9,000 square meters, Jinxing owns four subsidiaries, two of which are joint venture companies with Taiwan investors, one is with Korean investors. Jinxiang also owns 6 factories, 15 sales departments all over the country. The total sales income is more than 28 million RMB per year, of which net income and tax are 2.5 million RMB.

  Jin Xiang is a specialized factory of traffic light source. This company produces almost all kinds of lamps and complete sets for various types of domestic and imported automobiles and motorcycles. In 1996 Jin Xiang has imported an automatic production line of H4 bulbs from Korea. The annual production value is 4000,000 bulbs, which are of high quality and comply with the international standards of CIE.

  IN 1994 JIn Xiang cooperated with Taiwan investor and imported lines from Taiwan to produce starts of fluorescent lamps. NOW the production volume is 24,000,000 high-quality starts per year.

  "Quality is life, Customers are God "is Jin Xiang's aphorism. Jin Xiang is developing at a high speed because of high-quality products and preference from customers. Jin Xiang has big market in China including Taiwan as well as in southeast Asia, Korea, European and American countries. With ten years' efforts Jin Xiang has become a famous illumination manufacturer. and a member of Complete. Sets Factory Group of Automobile Elements.

  Jin Xiang is looking for a successful cooperation with industrial and commercial entitiis to enjoy bright future.




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