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  The last millenium has created prosperity to mankind so that we can live in a brighter world in the 20th century. As the world's leading decorative lighting manufacturer, our mission is to collaborate, to contribute,and to create the bright of our history. After 22 years of operation and dedication,Neo-Neon endecorative lighting manufacturer with over neon, our Duralight is one of the most Duralight is durable and perfect for linear Duralight in the most brilliant part of our viet Union, the US Independence day,the peace declaration of Israel, the hand over share the glory, we are also a part of the The inventive spark of miniature-bulb military purpose but, Neo-Neon populartered the new millenium as the biggest 15,000 staffs.Instead of conventional popular decorative lights in this decoration,you can find our time.The democratization of former Socelebration of French Revolution,the of Hong Kong to China,etc.We don't just brightness of these glorious moments. based decorative light was originally for izing them.Without compromising the cut the cost so that,more people can enjoy these shimmering lights.If more people can enjoy their lives with the glittering of lights,the more we feel the contribution to the human history.Likewise,fiber optic lighting is no longer an expensive and luxury product.Neo-Neon maintains the elegance of decorative fiber,but we determined to maintain economical price to experience its beauty among all,on application.So the dream of this future lighting can be a reality to everybody.


  Neo-Neon do not just make products,we create products.Numerous patents are registered every year,and more aggressive attitude,to keep you surprised with new products.

  Thinking of the unthinkable?How about buy a Disco light for yourself?Being the largest Disco Light factory in ASIA,we have over 350 models of Disco lights(including the latest DMX controlled Disco Light,Intelligent Lighting,Program Lighting series).All these are available for you to identify the best choice.


  Motif(Duralight on a frame) has transformed images into the art of light with high craftsmanship.Because of motif,Duralight became meaningful to fit into any designs.Motif being hanged on the street lamp posts and are great for festival celebrations,Neo-Neo's motif is a big boom of this product that would bring happiness to people everywhere around the world.


  X'mas would not be X'mas without X'mas lights.The breakthrough for a new type of X'mas light started right here in Neo-Neon.An almost unbreakabel X'mas light-Dura-twinkle lights,Dura-play light(Molded type) and Rubber cable light-that is designed for maximum safety&would be an idea decorative lighting for all ages.A new type of fiber optics-Crystifiber guarantee to gain popularily in the market.By re-engineer on the surface of fiber optic,different lighting effects are generated.Crystifiber shall contribute a new definition to decorative fiber optics including the new launch of LED-Light Engine,DMX-Series and improved H-Series Light Engine of 10W,20W,35W and 50W for indoor use.

  In this New Century,we will continue to collaborate,to joint venture,and to create a brighter world for you.More importantly,our vision is not just to decorate the world with our lighting products,but to share happiness and prosperity with everybody....

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