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     Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd (FELCO), established in 1958, is a leading manufacturer of lighting
products in China.  Designated since 1990 as a key national  exporter and amongst the first batch of companies
to be listed in China’s stock exchange (1993), its ‘FSL’ and ‘汾江’ brands are also the proud recipients of “Chinese Famous Brand” awards.  FELCO employs 9,000 workers with 2.2M sqm of manufacturing floor
space, all in the vicinity of Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

      FELCO is ISO9001:2000 certified by SGS UK Ltd in 2005. On top of approval from the Chinese Standards Bureau (CCC), FELCO products have also received certifications from CE, E-MARK, UL, TUV-GS, FCC & Energy Star and are RoHS compliant.  Appointed a Provincial high-tech enterprise in 2001, FELCO operates a Lighting Testing
Centre under the auspices of the China National Accreditation Services (CNAS).  The Centre, with a 1,800 sqm
fully-equipped QC Laboratory, can undertake all technical testing services offered by CNAS.  Separately, the
800-strong technical and managerial team provides a most competent product quality assurance. Determined to stay at the forefront of the lighting industry, FELCO not only maintains close collaboration with the world's leading
lighting manufacturers, but had also gathered 117 patents from the National Intellectual Property Rights Bureau.

      FELCO produces a complete range of lighting products used in homes,offices,shops, roads,docks,stadiums,
etc.  It includes incandescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps,
high intensity discharge lamps, automotive and motorcycle lamps, LED lamps and electronic ballasts, as well as lighting fixtures. The recent focus is the research and development of high quality luminaries for the Green Light
Project, an effort duly recognized by the State Development and Reform Commission.  With an extensive sales and distribution network in China and a list of long-term customers from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and
Africa, FELCO is known to many as the “Lighting Champion” in China.


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