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  Sujing protective atmosphere equipment company one collect scientific research, develop, produce to integrative industry gas equipment manufacturers, leading product its have normal atmospheric temperature to be empty to is it make nitrogen , ammonia is it make hydrogen , industry gas purification ,etc. series to resolve to divide into.

  Sujing protective atmosphere equipment company is Shen Zhen Stock Exchange listed company create yuans of scientific and technological Limited Company subject, it is national-level enterprises of 100 tops of new and high technology, one of 520 national key enterprises, there are research centers of Jiangsu Province and post-doctor' s work stations, undertake to pass the country in " Sixth Five-Year Plan Period " to the technological brainstorm project of " the Ninth Five-Year Plan " (include the special-purpose gas purification device task of semiconductor that the country assigns). Since 83 years, every economic indicator increases progressively at more than 20% of the speeds , has ranked first in national same trade for 21 years in succession.

  Sujing to engaged in industry gas production of equipment have a history of 35 years already, it is domestic gas equipment trade that take the lead in passing ISO9001. 2000 editions of enterprises of international quality authentication, by edit " national defense industry publishing house " the " gas purification device " that publishes netly Su and " liquid ammonia make hydrogen stove of " the two book so far still frequently gas magazine not authoritative " of resolving Quote , the company products are in the petrochemical industry, the fields , such as chemical fibre , heat treatment , metallurgy , glass , food , medicine , electron , national defence spaceflight , aviation ,etc. are widely used. Net various kinds of type of production Su industry gas equipment exceeded 10,000 till at present, there are domestic biggest gas equipment users.

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