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Company Intro

  Huai¨an Zhongyuan Solar Energy Lamps Corporation., Ltd. is a professional corporation engaging in research, development, design, manufacture and installation of solar energy lighting engineering products.

  1.Advanced Technology

  The corporation possesses professional technology resources as well as many patents concerning the application of photoelectric technologies. A close and long-term cooperation has been carried out between the corporation and authoritative researching institutes such as that of Associate Professor,Institute of Sciences Vice-Director. The series of solar energy lighting products developed and produced by the corporation are in the leading position in domestic industry. In manufacturing the lamps, high technologies such as solar energy photoelectric technology, digital intellectual control technology and modern lighting engineering technology are combined together. Thus the corporation is able to make use of solar energy photoelectric technology to supply clean energy to various types of lighting usage, and furnish the society with new and highly qualified lighting products with the features of safe, cheap, reliable, convenient, long life and maintenance-free.


  2.Fargoing Application

  The corporation has developed a series of products including 9 categories, that is, lawn lamps, courtyard lamps, street lamps, ground lamps, projecting lamps, corridor lamps, advertising lamps, contour line lamps etc. The products are widely used as lighting and decorations in cities, parks, residential units, schools, plazas, constructions and greenbelts.

  The corporation can provide different types of design according to various customer demands and actual situations, offering enough choices for customers and meet the standard of different customers.


  3.Main Functions and Characteristics of the Products

  3.1 Components made of materials of internationally famous brand, with length of life more than 20 years.

  3.2 Equipped with special lamps, working life more than 20,000 hours.

  3.3 Specially equipped microcomputer control system, automatically checking, adjusting, charging and protecting system, photic, sound, time, inductive control system and stand-by automatically start up power system.

  3.4 System designed for arranging or pre-arranging lighting time, brightness, color.

  3.5 High capability maintenance free batteries, the power reserve capacity can be set 10 times higher than that needed.

  3.6 Appropriate treatments are carried out to prevent the pole, bracket, and lamp holder from oxidation and rustiness. Specially manufactured toughened glass is used as the materials of lamp cover. The lighting equipment is so made as to adapt to different surroundings, to keep working against frost and ultraviolet radiation, as well as under the temperature of between -25≧ and 55 ≧, and under the humidity of below 85%.

  3.7 The lamps are easy to install, all the connectors are standard pieces. And the lamps are to be installed directly on the ground, thus no channel need to be dug, no outside electrical wire need to be laid.

  3.8 The lamps work under a safe voltage to avoid any electric shock. Once the lamps are installed, customers need not to pay electricity fee.

  3.9 A lamp is controlled and managed by a singlechip fixed inside it. Such jobs as switching on and off as well as changing the bulb are thus not needed.


  4. High Quality, Efficiency Services Involving Various Aspects

  The professionally responsible, technically skilled as well as highly efficient employees of the corporation will provide customers with high quality and efficient service. Service records are established for every customer, and periodical visit will be carried out to customers.

  The corporation promises herein: all the maintenances are free in the first year after installment; the services will be provide through the entire life of the equipment, and all the maintenance should begin in 24 hours upon demand and completed in 48 hours.


  5. Comparison Between the Cost of Solar Energy Lamps and that of Normal Lamps¨.


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