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  Since 1993 we have made many high grade, high quality consumer products, specially stylish lamps and fixtures. More than 300 kinds of products are sold in many countries and they are liked and praised by our clients. Huanya international lighting and electrical company limited has been giren the official rights to produce LG lamps and fixtures. Huanya has many locations where stylish lamps and fixtures are made. The company has employed many outstanding professionals with high technical skills. The company has introduced an outstanding technological and managerial system and built a perfect retail market so as to guarantee untimited sales. By using the proven management measures. We improve service after sale. Au the products are made according to ISO 9001, international quality system 2000. Many products have been certificated by EU, energy conservation 3 Cs, fire safety and national security for electrical products. With the unique view and sales ideas, Huanya creats LG lighting brand and evergreen foundation, The company holds the present, looks forward to the future, Huanya will use new ideas, new image, high standards, serious requirements and excellent service, the best quality to express the appreciation for our customers’ loyalty. The CEO of the company, Mr Sen Dehong always emphasizes quality first, prestige first, service first, taking development as a strategic plan. We are responsible for each product, each customer and each salesman. We creat prestige by using innovative management techniques. With the continuous efforts LG lamps and fixtures will provide customers with super products and perfect service . LG lamps and fixtures will become a symbol..

  The employes of Huanya international light and electrical company limited will carry out the ideas of loyal labour, credit and development, seek the best products and provide the best service. With the new ware of development in this century, Let’s creat a bright future and march from success to success with you.

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