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Company Intro

KJU was established in 1993.we specialize in manufacturing various illumination products.our main products include:All kinds of halogen lamp,lncandescent PAR38 lamp,lncandescent PAR38 infrared lamp,Low-wattage HID lamp,Mini Energy-Saving lamp and High-lntensity LED lamp.the annual output of halogen lamps and other lamps are about 72 million pieces.

For such application,KJU also supplies both uncoated bare glass reflector and coated glass reflector by using “semi-hard”, “hard”,aluminized process.

KJU is a leading supplier of halogen lamp reflectors in is also the largest manufacturer of halogen lamp reflector in China.So far it has been the supplier and business partner of some internationally well-known lighting enterprises.

KJU consists of three manufacturers as below.Sing Tai Development Co is their parent company:

☆Dongguan Kejian-U Lighting Electric &Appliance Co.Ltd .lt specializes in manufacturing various illumination products.Main products include:All Kinds of halogen lamp,lncandescent PAR38 lamp,lncandescent PAR38 infrared lamp,LOW-wattage HID lamp,Mini Energy-saving lamp(GU10 comppact energy saving lamp series) and High-lntensity LED lamp.The company occupies a building area of 12,000 square meters.

☆Dongguan SingDa Optics Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd .lt specializes in manufacturing lncandescent PAR38 lamp,lncandescent PAR38 infrared lamp and PAR38 halogen The conpany occupies an area of 10,500 square meters.

☆Dongguan Kejian-U Glass products Co.,Ltd .lt mainly develop & produces boride-silicate glass products.For example:glass tray for microwave oven,uncoated glass reflector and coated glass reflector by using “semi-hard”, “hard”,aluminized process or dichroic process for various halogen lamp.The company occupies an area of50.800 square meters.

Due to our strong research force,advanced equipment,mature manufacturing technology as well as strict quality control,the company has gained good reputation amongst customers donestic & overseas .

The company is devoting itself in the research and development of new green lighting products.

We consider product quality as our life and highly value and constantly improve our internal quality management.So far most of our products have been accredited TUV-CE.

The company has also obtained the lSO9001:2000 international quality system certificate in 2003.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you .

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