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  Changzhou Falida Electronics Co.,LTD.(Wujin Special Lighting Factory)was established in May 1986.It specializes in the production of series of halogen lamps,metal halide lamps and fixtured.It occupies a land of 55,361 square meters with building area of 13,720 square meters.It has 518 employees.Total asset RMB 90,000,000. including RMB 38,000,000 fixed asset. It has advance equipment and all necessary testing instruments.In March 1998,the corporation passed the registration examination for ISO9002 certificate and got the certificate numbered 3200/981143.

  The corporation produces over 100 various bulbs in five series.It stands first in East China and second in the country with annual production of 12,000,000 halogen lamps.Among them LSZ and LZD single ended halogen lamps were awarded new practical products of science and technology in jiangsu province,130V 250V long time single ended halogen lamps registered a national patent. LZG220V 500V double ended halogen lamps and LZ12V-50W single ended halogen lamps passed the 1997 national quality examination of energy saving electrical illuminates organized by the National Technical Supervision Bureau and China National Light Industry association.

  MHTD150Rl metal halide lamps, a research product of the corporation, Passed the examination of Jiangsu Science and Technology Committee and were verified as new products in the nation by the New product Examination Center of Jiangsu Science and Technology Committee.Their light and electricity parameters prove them comparable to products of the nineties in the world.They were given the certificate of national new products.With continual research,they have become a series of 70W-400W medium and small power metal halide lamps and the corporation has become one of the key enterprises of the country that produce popular energy saving illuminates.

  The products of the corporation are comact size,high efficeency with light long life,saving in energy consumption, safe and convenient in use and 90% of them are sold to over twenty countries and regions as Europe,Asia and America etc.Metal halide lamps and the fixtures are especially welcomed in the international market and have become ideal illuminates on streets, highways,aquares,construction sites,bus and train terminals,wharf's,merchandise shelves and in department stores and families.

  The corporation is a member of China illuminate institute,China International Trade Promotion Committee and China International Commerce. It is also a star enterprise and one of the ten best enterprises of Jiangsu province a high-tech enterprises and a knowledge and technology intensive enterprises of Jiangsu province and with the permission given by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, it has the right to import and export by itself.

  The corporation has branches in italy, the U.S.,HongKong,Guangzhou and Shanhai.It has flexible mechanism,wide market coverage and convenient contact and transportation.

  To be fine in raw meterial,strict in production technique,excellent in quality best in service and to satisfy customer is the goal of the every staff in the corporation.

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