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Miniature Lamps
Miniature Lamps

Product Description
Miniature Lamps:- Torches, Signaling, Lighting General Information 1.) This catalogue includes the range of miniature lamps on our current production lines. For an offer of lamps not specified in this catalogue, we require the following information. a, A sample, or b, A drawing with specifications such as lamp shape voltage, ampere, life time and type of lamp base required. For the average life time, please bear in mind that over voltage of the lamp increase the light intensity and the life will be decreased as a result. In case the voltage is lower than the designed voltage, then the light output becomes dim but on the other hand the lamp life will become longer. Besides, there are still many factors that would affect life time, such as : operation position of the lamp, ambient temperature, and change of the supply voltage. 2.) All of our lamp datas are checked and analysed by our advanced and computer-controller Photometric lamp Analyzer. This will ensure that the datas such as luminous flux, operating temperature, average life time, etc. will meet precisely the specific requirments. 3.) For miniature lamps, the code commonly used to represent the brightness unit is MSCP (Mean Spherical Candle Power). One unit MSCP equals approximately 12.56 Lumens.


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